Jim Meskauskas

Jim Meskauskas

Jim Meskauskas has had a long career in both traditional and interactive media. He was most recently the Chief Internet Strategist at Mediasmith Inc., where he worked with a range of clients -- from BabyCenter and CBS MarketWatch to Eidos Interactive, Roxio, and LuckySurf. He has also been in media at Hawk Media, Left Field, and USWeb/CKS. He is a founding board member of the Society for Internet Advancement San Francisco, where he oversaw communications. Jim is now developing an independent media consultancy called Media Darwin.


How Much Creative Is Enough?

Dec 18, 2001 - Too little creative? Too much creative? How many executions are just right for an online campaign? Comments

Standards by Default: Ad Ineffectiveness

Dec 11, 2001 - Dynamic Logic absorbed DoubleClick's Ad Effectiveness unit last week. Is more consolidation what the industry needs? Comments

The Impression Must Be Destroyed: Redux

Dec 4, 2001 - Before our readers start forming a lynch mob, Jim tries to set things straight, explaining further why he thinks the impression's days as a media currency... Comments

The Impression Must Be Destroyed! (Part 2)

Nov 27, 2001 - Jim wants the impression gone -- and he wants it gone now. Last week, he told you why. In this, the second of a two-part series, he tells you what should... Comments

The Impression Must Be Destroyed! (Part 1)

Nov 20, 2001 - Jim wants the impression gone -- and he wants it gone now. This week, he tells you why. In the second of this two-part series, he'll tell you what should... Comments

Engagement Branding Follow-Up

Nov 13, 2001 - Can the direct response and branding concepts be reconciled? Jim discusses how they might be in this further explanation of engagement branding. Comments

Thesis -- Antithesis -- Synthesis

Nov 6, 2001 - "What is rational is real and what is real is rational." -- Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Comments

Another Session

Oct 30, 2001 - When you say "session," do you really mean "five impressions"? Rather than defining new digital media currencies in terms of the old and familiar, break... Comments

Jam Sessions

Oct 23, 2001 - First impressions, now sessions. Comments

What About the Little Guy?

Oct 16, 2001 - There's no doubt that times are tough. Small publishers should look to print media for a hint on how to cope. Comments

Livin' Off the Wall: More About Email

Oct 9, 2001 - Email is experiencing a renaissance. Sort of like Michael Jackson. It isn't working as well as it used to, but everyone's talking about it again. Comments

The New Relevance

Oct 2, 2001 - How is advertising going to regain its relevance in the face of the tragic events that have shaken the very core of our culture? Comments

Back to Business As Usual. But Is That a Good Thing?

Sep 25, 2001 - Americans are going to work to do their jobs, drink their coffee, and take their kids to school. Most of the country is getting back into the swing... Comments

What Can I Say?

Sep 18, 2001 - Now is the time to be close to the ones you love. Our comfort comes when we are in each other's presence, feeling what we are feeling and doing it together... Comments

Branding Online Is Possible... Now What?

Sep 11, 2001 - So, why is it that no one is listening? You've read all of the press releases. You've seen all the subject lines in emails from the plethora of discussion... Comments

The Digital Cartel

Sep 4, 2001 - Though the macroeconomic environment, in defiance of physical possibilities, continues to both suck and blow, it looks like some of the digital powerhouses... Comments

The Meaning of Industry Organizations

Aug 28, 2001 - Peer interaction that promotes the free exchange of ideas. People from one segment of an industry together with folks from other segments. An environment... Comments

Why Direct Response Online Still Reigns Supreme

Aug 21, 2001 - Despite all the studies, why are so many advertisers still reluctant to use the digital medium as a tool for any kind of marketing save direct response... Comments

Things to Do in Advertising When the Market Is Dead

Aug 14, 2001 - During advertising's season of still and empty waters, all people in the industry, with all of their varying skill sets, need to get together and start... Comments

Dealing With a Soft Market

Aug 7, 2001 - There is no doubt that buyers as well as sellers are experiencing some hard times. The market is softer than a microwaved gummy bear. How should buyers... Comments

Popping Up Everywhere and Under Everything

Jul 31, 2001 - They have invaded the world through the World Wide Web and are on every site, from Yahoo! to the New York Times to weather.com. Depending on who you... Comments

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