Michelle Ellis

Michelle Ellis

Michelle Ellis is Director of Account Planning at M2K, a top-100 interactive agency. She started her career over a decade ago focusing on the retail and business-to-business industries. M2K specializes in interactive marketing solutions for clients, including strategic positioning, media planning and buying, offline and online creative, web site design, intranets, and extranets.


Just-in-Time Marketing

Feb 1, 2001 - Your time to marketing needs to be cut in half for you to compete in this fast-forward economy. Enter JIT marketing: developing the strategic positioning... Comments

Audio Web Portals: The Ultimate Re-gift

Nov 23, 2000 - Don't be fooled by pretty wrapping paper. These so-called audio portals have been around for years, and they look an awful lot like toll-free numbers. Comments

Get a Life, Publishers: The Internet Is Measurable

Nov 2, 2000 - Online sales reps are leaving dot-coms to go back to traditional media. Why? Because it's more profitable. Online publishers need to establish standards... Comments

What to Know About a Site Before the Buy

Oct 12, 2000 - Knowledge IS power. If you've ever negotiated anything, you know how true that is. So what should you know about a publisher BEFORE hammering out an... Comments

Start-Ups: Round 2

Jul 27, 2000 - The bell has rung, and the competitors are moving to their appropriate corners. Round 1: Start-up versus market is over. Round 2 begins with a new breed... Comments

Move Over, Ad Man, You've Got Company

Apr 20, 2000 - Back in the good old days, an advertising agency was the quintessential revolving door enterprise, with people coming and going all the time as they... Comments

Barter: The Name of the New E-Media Game

Feb 10, 2000 - The name of the new e-media game is barter - the exchange of unsold inventory for exposure through another media vehicle. If you are an Internet site... Comments

Dotty E. Nuff-Sunn

Jan 20, 2000 - Dotty E. Nuff-Sunn has this great big wall-to-wall National Geographic map of the United States in her living room with about 30 dots plotted on it... Comments

Webcasting: A Sales Tool

Dec 9, 1999 - We often think of the Internet as a one-to-one direct marketing vehicle. However, many companies, especially B2B companies, overlook the power of using... Comments

Confessions Of A Wired Junkie

Nov 11, 1999 - Michelle's in a 12-step program. She's addicted to computers, cellular phones, handheld organizers, email, electronic address books. You name it, she... Comments

Strategic Advertising On A Dot Com Budget

Sep 23, 1999 - Most consumer dot-com companies are using traditional media to build their brand. Since most e-tailers don't have Amazon-type marketing budgets or Amazon... Comments

More Than Lip Service

Aug 13, 1999 - It costs less to keep satisfied customers than to get new ones. Good customer service isn't easy to pull off, but it deserves more than lip service... Comments

Marketer's Mantra: Obsolete Thyself!

Mar 11, 1999 - Michelle Ellis has a mantra for Internet marketers and visionaries: Obsoletethyself. Obsolete thyself. Obsolete thyself. Comments

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