Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore is an analyst for Current Analysis, the leading provider of online tactical competitive intelligence for sales and marketing professionals in the IT and communications industries.


Microsoft, Bell Canada Partner

Jun 17, 2003 - The software giant and ISP sign a five-year deal that includes a co-branded portal, expanded availability of MSN 8. Comments

Final Edition

Apr 11, 2000 - This is the final edition of Ad Metrics. Jeff Moore, its writer, recently left the Internet advertising field when he accepted a new position with Current... Comments

It’s All About Targeting

Mar 28, 2000 - The predominant reason people click on ads is interest in the product advertised. Sure, sweepstakes, curiosity-makers, and entertaining ads all have... Comments

The Dilemmas of Wireless Web Advertising

Mar 14, 2000 - Put the world's two hottest technologies -- the Internet and wireless communications -- together and you get a lot of hype. Everyone is talking about... Comments

What Gives Shoppers the Creeps?

Feb 29, 2000 - A study released several months before the recent security disasters shows some 46 percent of online shoppers have halted an online purchase out of... Comments

Health Sites, Demographics, and Bunions

Feb 15, 2000 - Healthcare is a huge and rapidly growing application for the Internet. A recent Jupiter Communications study claims that online health advertising will... Comments

The Need for Speed

Feb 1, 2000 - Internet advertising makes up only about one percent of the total U.S. advertising market. The good news is that high- speed access will cause online... Comments

Free ISPs Beware

Jan 18, 2000 - In the last year, free access providers like NetZero, AltaVista and Free-PC have gotten a lot of ink. Jeff argued in his last column that Internet users... Comments

Privacy Concerns and Online Advertising

Jan 4, 2000 - Your brilliant ad campaign is luring visitors in droves to your site. What's the next step? Often, it's the site registration process. Your dilemma... Comments

Internet Radio Advertising

Dec 21, 1999 - Some 30 percent of all Internet users have listened to Internet radio within the last three months. Does this foretell a revolution in advertising... Comments

Television Vs. The Internet

Dec 7, 1999 - It's the $64,000 question. To what extent is Internet advertising displacing television advertising? The press has been speculating for years now about... Comments

Home-and-Work Users - An Elite Segment

Nov 23, 1999 - Internet advertisers pay a lot of attention to segmentation based on income, education, age, gender, and even psychographics. One of the most striking... Comments

Shopping Online But Buying Offline

Nov 9, 1999 - Internet shoppers are three times more likely to buy items offline than online when browsing for items on the Internet. The fact that people are shopping... Comments

The Book On First-Mover Advantage

Oct 26, 1999 - The online book industry is a case study in cornering a market online via first-mover advantage. How can this be? The barriers to entry are low. Books... Comments

Friendly Skies For Online Travel Advertising

Oct 12, 1999 - The Travelocity-Preview Travel merger and Microsoft's spinoff of Expedia have refocused attention on the online travel market. Travelocity's sales projections... Comments

Opt-In E-Mail As A Service

Sep 28, 1999 - Opt-in e-mail advertising is the most underused form of Internet advertising. Click-through rates are higher, targetability is excellent, and it is... Comments

The Cure For Declining Click-Throughs

Sep 14, 1999 - There's been a good deal of concern lately about falling click-through rates. Research says that 52 percent of Internet users claim they don't click... Comments

Money Talks!

Aug 31, 1999 - Money talks and savvy web users listen. Finance is one of the killer apps for the Internet among service industries. Thanks to the Internet's wealth... Comments

Start Your Engines...

Aug 17, 1999 - This week, lets talk about a surprising category for the Internet: automobiles. Cars are the fifth most visible category in Internet advertising. This... Comments

Computer Equipment And Books Lead

Aug 3, 1999 - Computer equipment and books are the heaviest advertisers on the Internet. The top three are Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Microsoft. Web advertising... Comments

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