David Gumpert

David Gumpert

David E. Gumpert is president of Gumpert Communications Inc., a marketing communications and public relations agency.


Giving Up on E-CRM?

Sep 21, 2001 - Not long ago, we thought that the Internet was going to change direct marketing as we know it. The vehicle for that change? Something called electronic... Comments

Thanks for the Memories

Aug 17, 2001 - Anyone who has been involved in decision making about the Internet over the last few years has made his or her fair share of judgment errors. Are e... Comments

Flying Takes Off, Grocery Shopping Crashes

Jul 20, 2001 - The mainstream media makes it sound as if all Internet- based ventures are coming apart. The reality is that we are witnessing widely divergent outcomes... Comments

Clothing Sellers Find the Internet a Neat Fit

Jun 22, 2001 - The Internet and clothes go so well together -- clothing is the most profitable e-tailing category -- but you can't just explain it by such factors... Comments

That Moment of Clarity: You've Been Duped

May 24, 2001 - Been exploited lately? If you've dealt with a company concerned only about the fast buck, then you probably have. Do such companies think we're stupid... Comments

Retail Versus Wholesale: It Matters to AT&T

May 2, 2001 - AT&T's rigid approach to distribution became a major news event when the company became entangled in the bankruptcy and shutdown of NorthPoint Communications... Comments

The Fox Guarding the Hens Privacy?

Mar 22, 2001 - Profits versus privacy. Here's an analogy bound to ruffle some feathers: illegal drugs. The costs are so low, the potential returns so high, the competition... Comments

The Internet Telephony Revolution: Anyone There?

Feb 22, 2001 - Wanting to find a cost-effective way to telephone his daughter studying in Spain, David tried Net2Phone, deltathree, HotTelephone.com, and HotTeleLink... Comments

When Business Opportunity Collides With Privacy Needs

Jan 26, 2001 - Want a little lift? Read the Success Stories in Yahoo!'s Personals. But before the warm and fuzzies take over, read a story of a different sort. By... Comments

The Revenge of the Brick-and-Mortar Middlemen

Nov 30, 2000 - Even though the Internet businesses promised lower-cost sales than through conventional means, the brick-and- mortars are increasingly discovering that... Comments

Traveling Second-Class Via the Internet

Oct 16, 2000 - One of the Internet's great promises in the e-commerce arena has been that it will make travel more convenient and cost-effective. The logic is compelling... Comments

Is Online Shopping Too Much of a Good Thing?

Sep 18, 2000 - Is it possible for online shopping to be too much of a good thing? David tried to purchase a $200 VCR online, but it turns out he had better luck at... Comments

Spamming Wars: USPS to the Rescue?

Aug 22, 2000 - Now that email threatens to supplant snail mail, the U.S. Postal Service has plans that place email squarely in the middle of the hottest issue raging... Comments

Try Explaining eCRM on an Airplane Banner

Jul 24, 2000 - David was settling back on a low-lying beach chair on Cape Cod when he saw some single-engine planes flying ad banners: a bank, local bands, a job-search... Comments

Serving the Small Business Target Market

Jun 26, 2000 - Small business is a popular online target market for major corporations, especially the financial services firms. The SBA estimates about 25 million... Comments

Can Book Publishing Retain Its Most Precious Asset?

May 16, 2000 - Think about the book publishing business, and what image comes first to mind? How about tweedy? Tweed jackets, oriental rugs, leather chairs, wood-paneled... Comments

Howm I Doing? Cant Ask My Online Broker

Apr 18, 2000 - Monthly portfolio reports that brokerage firms send you are about as easy to decipher as a cellular bill. The answer to your one most pressing question... Comments

Specializing in the Impersonal Touch

Mar 20, 2000 - One thing David loves about many technology companies is the way they manage to be so productive without the help of real people. You know the companies... Comments

Furniture Shopping in the Digital Age

Feb 22, 2000 - David helped his college-grad son buy furniture for his first apartment. It would have been nice to see online photos, then view merchandise in the... Comments

Say It Ain't So, Levi Strauss, Say It Ain't So

Jan 25, 2000 - When David heard Levi Strauss was abandoning the Internet as a distribution outlet, he thought it was a mistake. Sales were above predictions, yet Levi... Comments

Who's Eating Whose Lunch?

Dec 28, 1999 - The emergence of the Internet has brought the old-fashioned practice of grocery delivery front and center. Entire companies like Webvan and Streamline... Comments

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