Jeffrey Graham

Jeffrey Graham

Jeffrey Graham is vice president of client development at Dynamic Logic, a company he joined in January of 2001. Dynamic Logic specializes in measuring the branding effectiveness of online marketing. Jeffrey has served as research director at two online advertising agencies, Blue Marble and NOVO, and has worked with clients such as General Motors, Procter & Gamble, and Continental Airlines. He has taught Internet Research at New York University and has a Masters degree in the subject.


Good Media, Bad Creative

Feb 19, 2003 - For too long, publishers have taken the fall for campaign failures when the folks who created the ads are the ones to blame. Comments

Making Advertisers and Users Happy: A Case Study

Feb 5, 2003 - An oxymoron? With all the hubbub about ad intrusiveness, you'd think a publisher's attempt to please its advertisers and users would be an exercise... Comments

ITV: Making the Same Mistakes

Jan 22, 2003 - The fledgling iTV industry should learn from mistakes made in Web advertising's early days. Comments

Online Advertising in 2003: Predictions

Jan 8, 2003 - Whither online advertising in 2003? Think TV, cross-media, and broadband. Comments

2002: Industry Progress

Dec 11, 2002 - Jeffrey offers the most notable (and positive) industry trends and developments in 2002. Comments

Tracking Moves Offline

Nov 27, 2002 - A cool new technology will move offline measurement closer to online. That means changes for the whole advertising landscape. Comments

Convergence... and Upheaval

Nov 13, 2002 - What is convergence, anyway? Are recent developments online, in broadcast, and with delivery systems a form of convergence or media shape-shifting? Comments

Ad Killers: A Threat?

Oct 30, 2002 - Ad killers and pop-up zappers are gaining in popularity. Are they killing your ads? Comments

The Future of TV: The Web?

Oct 16, 2002 - Five years ago, we said the Internet was changing everything. We were brash, and we were wrong. Comments

In the Minds of Marketers

Oct 2, 2002 - Understanding and addressing marketers' problem to grow the industry. Comments

The Online Branding Hub

Sep 18, 2002 - How much of the marketing budget goes online? First, understand what online advertising can do for the brand and how to play it off the media mix. Comments

E-Marketing on a Shoestring

Sep 4, 2002 - Many small sites with small budgets attract large followings without immense infusions of venture capital or huge sponsorship or portal deals. How... Comments

Frequency, Not Format

Aug 21, 2002 - Recent debate about consumer distaste for pop-ups skirts the real issue. Comments

Spyware, Pop-Ups, TiVo, and Spam

Aug 7, 2002 - Striking a balance between marketers' and consumers' needs isn't going to be easy. Comments

Click-Through Déjà Vu

Jul 24, 2002 - Online advertising is a proven branding medium. How come click-through remains the sole metric for measuring email success? Comments

Good Media, Bad Creative

Jul 10, 2002 - For too long, publishers have taken the fall for campaign failures when the folks who created the ads are the ones to blame. Comments

What Is the Web Good For, Anyway?

Jun 26, 2002 - Smart marketers don't ask IF they should advertise online. They ask HOW. Comments

The Importance of Cross-Media Measurement

Jun 12, 2002 - Cross-media measurement begets cross-media education. That's good news for traditional marketers who need to justify their online buys. Comments

Research... or Eavesdropping?

May 29, 2002 - A new technology promises to deliver the skinny on user perceptions of products and brands. Valid research, or another invasion of online privacy? Comments

The Standard Should Be Innovation

May 15, 2002 - As the industry gropes for standards, bear in mind they're important -- but not necessarily a priority. Comments

Online Reach and Frequency: No Panacea

May 1, 2002 - Online advertising boosters are making laudable efforts to develop reach and frequency models for interactive media, but don't make the mistake of believing... Comments

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