Cliff Allen

Cliff Allen

Cliff Allen is President of Coravue, a company that provides content management software and application service provider (ASP) hosting for Web and email. Allen is coauthor of three books about Internet marketing, including the "One-to-One Web Marketing, Second Edition" (John Wiley & Sons, 2001).


More Better Content, Please

May 22, 2001 - The quality and amount of content are major factors in the success of a site, because it's the content -- text, photos, and illustrations -- that helps... Comments

Forecasting the Turning Point

May 15, 2001 - Market forecasting is a little like playing the lottery: If you don't play, you can't win -- you can't predict the turning points of your revenue or... Comments

Qualifying Prospects

May 8, 2001 - Does your product or service fit your prospect's needs? Has the prospect committed to making a purchase within a reasonable time frame? Has the prospect... Comments

Correlating Web-User Data

May 1, 2001 - The statistical term "correlation" has found its way into popular business language. Often, though, no measurement of correlation has actually taken... Comments

Consumers' Purchase-Decision Criteria

Apr 24, 2001 - Too few e-commerce sites emphasize benefits in product descriptions. Yet the complex personal, psychological, and social factors that determine how... Comments

Learning Customers' Most Important Decision Criteria

Apr 17, 2001 - In the end, all that matters to customers is which products benefit them most. But different prospects consider different features and benefits to be... Comments

Be Open to Closed-Loop Marketing

Apr 10, 2001 - Though it's sometimes tough to implement, making marketers feel as if they're going in circles, closed-loop marketing can help you adjust marketing... Comments

Working With Intermediaries

Apr 3, 2001 - Web commerce was once expected to lead to disintermediation -- the classic "cutting out the middleman." But it hasn't been that simple. Still, there... Comments

CRM: A Way of Thinking About Customers

Mar 27, 2001 - CRM is not a technology or a software solution. It is, foremost, a way of thinking that views traditional marketing techniques as a whole -- a unified... Comments

Keeping Links Alive

Mar 20, 2001 - When visitors bookmark your site's pages and other sites link to yours, you know you're doing some good. So when you perform some nip-and-tuck repairs... Comments

Are You Really Collecting Profiles?

Mar 13, 2001 - As we rely on other sites to provide e-commerce, content, and community, our own sites become more complex, increasing the probability of error. Programs... Comments

Bimodal Distributions Contain Clues

Mar 6, 2001 - What's the difference between a camel and a camel? One type has one hump and another type has two. So what does a camel have to do with analyzing the... Comments

Redirecting Users to a New Site

Feb 27, 2001 - Redirection is a handy way of taking users to a new site. Just keep in mind that it takes a little extra planning and programming to accomplish the... Comments

Just What Is Marketing?

Feb 20, 2001 - There's marketing, and then there's marketing. Your marketing is different from my marketing, but if we learn from each other, our marketing becomes... Comments

Narrow the Niche and Improve Profits

Feb 13, 2001 - Trying to appeal to a larger audience will only dilute your marketing message -- not increase revenue and profits. Try targeting narrower niches instead;... Comments

On Your Marks, Go! Bookmark Marketing

Feb 6, 2001 - Bookmarks are effective tools, both for Web visitors and marketers. Just a little extra effort can make bookmarks easier to find for readers, generate... Comments

Keeping in Contact to Keep Business Strong

Jan 30, 2001 - Losing touch with a valuable business contact might mean starting from ground zero in building a relationship with a prospect or vendor. Cliff offers... Comments

Making Sure Words Communicate

Jan 23, 2001 - If you've ever seen Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First?" you know that even familiar words can lead to miscommunication. This is funny in a comic... Comments

Conversion Is a Personal Choice

Jan 16, 2001 - Keeping track of your readers' preferences for HTML or text-only email newsletters can be daunting. But honoring those preferences may be an even bigger... Comments

Creating a Business Plan That Works

Jan 9, 2001 - So you've got a promising concept. Great. But many former entrepreneurs have tried to go straight from concept to launch without taking the time to... Comments

Emotions Trigger the Right Moves

Jan 2, 2001 - How much -- or how little -- do we use emotional appeals to help customers buy? Learn your customer's most important emotional reason to shop for your... Comments

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