Michael Fischler

Michael Fischler

Michael Fischler is founder and principal consultant of Markitek Consulting, which for nearly a decade has provided consulting services to companies around the world, from startups and small companies to giants like Kodak and Pirelli. Michael's approach to marketing revolves around the integration of the core marketing disciplines: strategic, tactical, operational, and technological. He is a 25-year veteran of marketing and a frequent speaker at business and marketing conferences worldwide.


Want Five Sure-Fire Marketing Rules?

May 7, 2001 - In search of sure-fire marketing rules? Then this article isn't for you. Some marketing gurus claim they've nailed down "rules" guaranteeing success... Comments

You Say We've Had a Revolution?

Apr 9, 2001 - The Internet's impact on at least one aspect of commercial life bears a remarkable resemblance to the telegraph's impact on the same: That earlier... Comments

Don't Get on This Bandwagon

Mar 5, 2001 - The Web doesn't work miracles. It doesn't level the playing field or bring the little guy into the big leagues. But just because everyone else is scrambling... Comments

Choose Your Weapons Wisely

Jan 8, 2001 - No marketer should go into any program without some tips on how to choose the right weapon for a successful marketing strategy. Comments

The Level Playing Field Is an Empty Lot

Dec 14, 2000 - It turns out the early enthusiasts were right: The World Wide Web really does level the playing field. And it's leveling one company after another right... Comments

Marketing: More Science Than Art

Nov 16, 2000 - Marketing is more than a necessary evil, and it's more than a cash sinkhole of ads and brochures. Is this fact or fiction? Or is it the future? Comments

Where Does the Net Buck Stop?

Oct 17, 2000 - Building a Net-accessible business - which includes but is hardly limited to a web site - is expensive, time-consuming, technically complex, resource... Comments

Let's Drive Over to Amazon and See What's New

Sep 12, 2000 - Amazon.com. Here is a company that, operationally, is unparalleled. The folks there do everything right. They market on the web and via email brilliantly... Comments

Information Highway: Exit 404

Aug 7, 2000 - Every touchpoint - even those that come from mistakes - is an opportunity. Quality business can be generated when you fall on your face entirely - if... Comments

Referrer Madness

Jul 10, 2000 - Referrer logs can be one of a web marketer's most useful weapons. Mike explains the referrer log itself, highlights its contents, and shares three ways... Comments

Integrating Online and Offline Marketing

Jun 12, 2000 - One of the weakest areas of modern tactical marketing is the integration of online with offline. The finest web site and the most carefully planned... Comments

The 'U.S. Wide Web' It Ain't

May 1, 2000 - As the web matures and its B2B nature reveals itself, it's vital that we realize its reach is not focused on just the U.S.A. -- it's the world that... Comments

Branding Your Company With the Press

Apr 3, 2000 - Mike talks turkey about how to handle press relations online if you're a B2B business. Tips on reaching the PR marketplace, identifying the players... Comments

Taking the WE Out of WEB

Mar 6, 2000 - Mike tells you what happens when he sits with new clients to begin establishing goals and developing strategies to help them move their business onto... Comments

If You Don't Have Anything Good to Say...

Feb 7, 2000 - Mike has decided to write something good about the web for a change. What has occasioned this new direction and spared you his grousing about the web... Comments

My Stinky Seven Redux

Jan 10, 2000 - Remember when Mike gave you his "Seven Best Reasons to Stay Offline"? Well, plenty of you sent him your own stinklists, and the stinks they list run... Comments

Configurable Navigation Systems

Dec 13, 1999 - What drives Mike nuts is how hard web designers make it for people to find their way around a web site. Most web sites are about as focused and convenient... Comments

My Seven Best Reasons to Stay Offline

Nov 1, 1999 - Mike read a cute little article called "The Dirty Dozen" in another publication. The columnist reached out and asked various people what they hated... Comments

In Praise Of Plain Web Sites

Oct 8, 1999 - After two days in fabulous Fiji on the South Pacific, Mike's tying up two days of client meetings. Yep, he's got it rough. And as he looks out at the... Comments

Thank You For Clicking...Now, Please Get Out Of My Site

Sep 7, 1999 - Marketing myths come and go. The latest says that significant resources should be devoted to creating web sites that are so interesting that people... Comments

A Look Ahead

Jul 16, 1999 - Michael Fischler tells you where he thinks the Net is headed in the not so distant future. Broad access, reliable functionality, less emphasis on computer... Comments

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