Dana Blankenhorn

Dana Blankenhorn

Dana Blankenhorn has been a business reporter for more than 20 years. He has written parts of five books and currently contributes to Advertising Age, Business Marketing, NetMarketing, the Chicago Tribune, Boardwatch, CLEC Magazine, and other publications. His own newsletter, A-Clue.Com, is published weekly.


1.1 Million Jobs Coming for Haggard IT Workforce

Dec 26, 2002 - The struggling IT workforce looks to see a strong boost in 2003, with a new study predicting that IT managers will need to fill 1.1 million jobs in... Comments

SBC Simplifies Brand, Offerings

Dec 10, 2002 - The provider of voice, DSL and networking services brings its subsidiaries under a single brand to clear up any customer confusion and better compete... Comments

This Week's Agenda: SMS SOS?

Mar 18, 2002 - SMS is coming. Can U.S. marketers create persuasive text messages on tiny cell phone screens? Will American consumers accept them? Comments

This Week's Agenda: Signs of an Entrepreneurial Spring?

Mar 11, 2002 - It's easy to be a reporter in good times. Stories just bite you on the butt and say 'we're here.' It's tougher to find the good news in hard times... Comments

This Week's Agenda: Success for E-Commerce (But Not for E-Advertising)

Mar 4, 2002 - A scrappy dot-com that beat the odds and survived believes in marketing, not advertising. Now, some of the rules have changed. SEO is getting tougher;... Comments

This Week's Agenda: The Lanford Rules

Feb 25, 2002 - How do you become successful? It might be as simple as living by a few basic maxims. Comments

The Branding War: An Online Alliance?

Feb 11, 2002 - Advertiserswant reach, numbers, and sales. The Web can deliver -- but their metrics aren't talking the same language. It's time the two camps talked. Comments

This Week's Agenda: Defending Internet Time

Feb 4, 2002 - Lots of people, especially those following Internet advertising and e-commerce, have said the concept of 'Internet time,' in which each "real" year... Comments

This Week's Agenda: Make Just One Brand Manager Happy

Jan 28, 2002 - As the online advertising industry rebounds, sponsorships will surely be some of the most important vehicles. Comments

This Week's Agenda: Fred Investing

Jan 14, 2002 - Internet currency: Pie in the sky, or does someone out there have enough vision and clout to make it happen? Comments

This Week's Agenda: Predictions Can Be Wrong

Jan 7, 2002 - Peering into the future, Dana offers some predictions for the industry -- some wrong, some not so wrong. Comments

This Week's Agenda: That's a Wrap

Dec 17, 2001 - Shareware combined with push technology. Skins and wraps. Dana predicts advertising in 2002 will be interactive and targeted, but not necessarily Web... Comments

This Week's Agenda: Has Email Killed the Web Ad Star?

Dec 10, 2001 - Creativity, context, and relevance in online advertising -- are they falling victim to the surge in email marketing? Comments

This Week's Agenda: Let's Brainstorm

Dec 3, 2001 - New business models, new technologies, new metrics. Where will the money-making opportunities be in 2002? Comments

This Week's Agenda: Ads Without Content

Nov 26, 2001 - Internet advertising keeps pitching curveballs and posing conundrums we never even thought of in traditional media. Is it ethical when ads don't support... Comments

This Week's Agenda: Microsoft's Biggest Problem

Nov 19, 2001 - The rule applies to technology, the Internet, and your own company: Networks work better and more efficiently than centralization. Doesn't Microsoft... Comments

This Week's Agenda: New Pricing for a New Century

Nov 12, 2001 - The Web isn't a supermarket, it's a bazaar. For all the tech advances, we're back to wheeling, dealing, haggling, and negotiating in a virtual market... Comments

This Week's Agenda: Coupons for Christmas

Nov 5, 2001 - Offline coupons drive them to online stores, online coupons drive them into offline stores. Leverage coupons correctly, and you could have a very merry... Comments

Personalization Vs. Privacy Debate Heating Up

Oct 31, 2001 - A face-off between privacy advocates and mass marketers is expected to soon come to a head. Comments

This Week's Agenda: Ready for the Holidays?

Oct 29, 2001 - The holidays could be a tough sell this year. Experts have been scrutinizing consumers' buying and spending with a view toward what's changed since... Comments

This Week's Agenda: A Little Christmas

Oct 22, 2001 - Hang up the tinsel and mistletoe -- it's time for online merchants to usher in the holiday season. Comments

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