Nick Usborne

Nick Usborne

Nick Usborne speaks, writes, and consults on strategic copy issues for business online. For Web sites, e-mails and newsletters, he crafts messages that drive results. He is the author of the critically acclaimed bookNet Words - Creating High-Impact Online Copy.


E-Mail List Rental: Seven Questions to Ask a Vendor

May 16, 2003 - How to grow an e-mail list -- without getting blacklisted. Comments

McAfee Unleashes SpamKiller For Small Businesses

Apr 21, 2003 - Network Associates asserts that McAfee SpamKiller for Exchange SmallBusiness will stop junk e-mail in its tracks - before it reaches end users. Comments

Respect: Last Word of Advice for Online Copywriters

Mar 12, 2003 - The essence of online copywriting. Comments

Terra, Autobytel Drive Partnership

Feb 26, 2003 - The portal, aimed at U.S. Hispanics, and the online car source, launch a new co-branded channel. Comments

Long or Short Copy? Part 2

Feb 12, 2003 - Hint: Maybe your visitors should decide. Comments

Long or Short Copy? Part 1

Jan 15, 2003 - It's the eternal question -- how long should online copy be? Nick offers some answers. Comments

Your Home Page Is a Direct Response Page

Dec 18, 2002 - People don't come to your home page to learn more about your company. They want to do something. Comments

Newsletters Need Someone at the Wheel

Nov 20, 2002 - Give someone the authority to ensure your newsletter really speaks to your audience. Comments

The Single Point Where Copy Becomes Great

Oct 23, 2002 - The three constituencies you must please to make copy go from good to extraordinary. Comments

Affluent Americans Lead Web Growth

Oct 15, 2002 - Advertisers' dream? Digital divide? Nielsen//Netratings' survey suggests a little of both. Comments

Who Are You Calling Stupid?

Sep 25, 2002 - Don't blame the customer for the failure of your message. Comments

Why Should I Read Your 'Important' Text?

Aug 28, 2002 - The fine print is no place for essential information. Comments

The Writing, Not the Words

Jul 31, 2002 - Great copy is the sum of all the words, not just the power or buzz words. Comments

How to Get Personal With Your Visitors Online

Jul 3, 2002 - Thinking of going one on one with your online customers? Being relevant is much more... relevant. Comments

How to Add Personality to a Corporate Voice

Jun 5, 2002 - A corporation's voice should sound different online -- even if the style guide says otherwise. How to make adjustments (under the radar, if necessary... Comments

Get More Personal -- by Reading Your Email Aloud

May 8, 2002 - Do your email messages to customers sound personal or like they’ve been penned by a faceless corporation? One way to find out is by reading them out... Comments

How to Write a Clever Headline

Apr 10, 2002 - Just because you can use a clever play on words, doesn't mean you should. But if you do, make sure it's not just clever but also clear. Comments

Feedback That's Really Heard

Mar 14, 2002 - When companies don't listen to customers, copywriters' jobs are much tougher. Here's a Web-based company that literally hears what visitors think of... Comments

The Power of Endorsements on the Web

Feb 28, 2002 - There's nothing like the word of a trusted source when it comes to selling things online. Comments

Optimize Your Home Page for New Visitors

Feb 14, 2002 - Rather than preaching to the choir, use your home page to evangelize new visitors. Comments

Not Sure What to Say? Start Writing...

Jan 31, 2002 - Stumped by a copywriting project? Confronted by a blank page? Sometimes, the only way to know what you're going to write is by writing. Comments

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