Andy Bourland

Andy Bourland

Andy Bourland was cofounder and former publisher and CEO of ClickZ. He and Ann Handley launched the site in 1997 and sold it three years later to INT Media Group. In columns he wrote for ClickZ from 1998 to 2002, Andy provided practical advice to online marketers and publishers alike, frequently weaving in takeaways from real-life on- and offline experiences. Andy launched his own blog,, in 2005, continuing to write about online marketing up until his disclosure that he was facing a terminal illness. He died Feb. 16, 2009, at the age of 53.


The Meditations of Chairman Pud

May 7, 2002 - Guilty pleasures. We all have them. If your repertoire includes F**ked Company, you needn't feel too guilty. Just bear in mind it's often better to... Comments

The Master Speaks!

Apr 23, 2002 - Get them to pay... pay more... and pay happily? Tae kwon do is a good place to start. Comments

Creating Must-Have Content

Apr 9, 2002 - ClickZ's cofounder and erstwhile publisher looks at an online publisher getting the free-to-fee thing right. (And it just happens to be our parent company... Comments

Making the Leap From Free to Fee

Mar 26, 2002 - He's ba-ack! Andy Bourland returns to ClickZ to dissect online publishing models -- specifically, how to monetize content. Paid subscriptions? Premium... Comments

Court Lifts Restraining Order Against Juno

Apr 12, 2001 - A federal judge declined NetZero's motion to extend a restraining order leveled at Juno in January. Comments

New Approaches to Ad Banners

Feb 9, 2001 - Are you looking to survive and thrive while your site-publisher brethren are dropping like flies? Well, it's time to deliver value as if your life depended... Comments

Develop Your Own In-House Creative Team

Jan 26, 2001 - Want to ensure the long-term viability of your e-zine? Here's how to avoid becoming a commodity by standing out from the rest and offering more, not... Comments

The Challenge of Online Publishing: Content Worth Paying For

Jan 12, 2001 - ClickZ writer Dana Blankenhorn thinks a publisher's challenge is to extract value for his or her marketing partners in creative ways. Andy thinks if... Comments

Tough Decisions in 2001

Jan 5, 2001 - Online publishers may have to consider stating upfront to subscribers that the price for free content is agreeing to receive marketing emails from select... Comments

Contrary Words Worth Hearing

Dec 29, 2000 - Andy gets a lot of mail from web site publishers struggling to make their sites more "sticky." The best advice he can give? Take a deep breath. Relax... Comments

Dealing With Whoopass From the Business Gods

Dec 22, 2000 - The business gods just laid whoopass on us. Let's admit our mistakes and learn not only from our screwups but also from those who preceded us in other... Comments

Is the Premise of 'Free' Killing Us?

Dec 15, 2000 - "The Cult of Free" apparently hit a raw nerve among ClickZ readers last week. Andy shares responses from some who agree with his concern about the limited... Comments

The Cult of Free

Dec 8, 2000 - We have this nice little mantra going online that everything should be free on the Net. All articles, research, music, news -- EVERYTHING should be... Comments

Opportunity Rises From Dot-Com Ashes

Dec 1, 2000 - While the dot-com deathwatch continues, Andy sees something a little different. Wise entrepreneurs have a rare opportunity to create successful online... Comments

What Do Publishers Really Sell?

Nov 24, 2000 - There is no single factor more important to a site publisher than audience. Andy tells you how to determine which audiences to pursue a relationship... Comments

How to Succeed in Darn Near Anything

Nov 17, 2000 - Seeking to do business with someone? Maybe an investor or a sponsor... or an advertiser, content provider, or technology partner? Here's how to make... Comments

Finding Advertisers for Your Publication

Nov 10, 2000 - Profitable online publishing is about long-term, sustainable relationships. Finding advertisers and sponsors ain't easy, but Andy tells you how. Comments

Pricing Your Ad Vehicles

Nov 3, 2000 - How do you know what CPM to charge? Short answer: whatever the market will bear. Andy tells you how to price your ad vehicles, perhaps setting the pricing... Comments

The Case for Opt-Out

Oct 27, 2000 - Is this popular newsletter abandoning permission marketing principles by using an opt-out approach to launch a new series of newsletters? The opt-in... Comments

Re-version Your Content for a Wider Audience

Oct 20, 2000 - Andy likes "Sex and the City." He's got the DVD and the book, and he watches the TV show. What's the point for publishers? If you've got great content... Comments

Shaken up by the Shakeout?

Oct 13, 2000 - Are you going through what Andy's going through? Used to be friends and family were impressed by his being one of those "dot-com" guys. They didn't... Comments

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