Tom Hespos

Tom Hespos

Tom Hespos heads up the interactive media department at Mezzina Brown & Partners. He has been involved in online media buying since the commercial explosion of the Web and has worked at such firms as Young & Rubicam, K2 Design, NOVO Interactive/Blue Marble ACG, and his own independent consulting practice, Underscore Inc. For more information, please visit the Mezzina Brown Web site. He can be reached at


California: A Wireless Powerhouse

Jun 13, 2002 - An industry report says the state has a significant presence insatellites, 802.11 services, integrated circuits, and fixed wireless/free space optics. Comments

Planning and Buying: How Long Should It Take?

Dec 20, 2001 - Does it really take too long to plan and buy online media? How can media planners get off the deadline treadmill? Comments

Desktop Ads: Rules of Engagement

Dec 13, 2001 - Permission to come aboard? That's only the beginning of what separates scumware from legitimate ad-serving applications that take up residence on your... Comments

The Scum of the Web

Dec 6, 2001 - Those uninvited, invisible little apps lurking somewhere on your hard drive that serve up ads. Should software, or ads, have squatter's rights? Comments

Why We Can't Kill the Impression Just Yet

Nov 29, 2001 - In their efforts to woo traditional advertisers over to interactive, some are advocating for the banishment of the impression. Tom argues that the much... Comments

Mother, May I?

Nov 15, 2001 - When are "permissioned" email lists not what they seem? Tom shares ways smart media buyers can figure out the reality of the situation. Comments

Synchronize Your Serving Data

Nov 8, 2001 - Whose numbers do you trust? Tom believes that question may soon be a bit easier to answer. Comments

Email Campaigns: Put the Customer in the Driver’s Seat

Nov 1, 2001 - As interest in email marketing continues to rise, so do the number of marketers who "get it." Initiate a dialogue with recipients, and they’ll be back... Comments

Spiders and Robots and Crawlers, Oh My!

Oct 25, 2001 - The Web is full of creepy-crawlies: spiders, bots, and other slithery things that skew your measurements and statistics. The IAB has a plan to play... Comments

Impressions via 'Sessions'

Oct 18, 2001 - The New York Times just introduced "sessions." If you don't know what they are, you'd better find out. Comments

Beyond Run of Site

Oct 11, 2001 - Online advertising buyers and sellers need to invest time and effort to understand the various methods of targeting Web ads -- and learning which ones... Comments

ASPs Making Positive Impact

Oct 4, 2001 - Not only do companies that use ASP services benefit from a hefty return on investment, they enjoy peace of mind, clearer focus and a better work environment... Comments

Building an Email List

Oct 4, 2001 - Email can be a powerful marketing tool, but it’s up to the marketer to initiate and maintain relationships via email -- not the list broker, list aggregator... Comments

Publishing Your Own Newsletter: Part 2

Oct 4, 2001 - In the second of a multi-part series on how to publish your own newsletter, Alexis Gutzman discusses how to clean up and perfect your email list. Comments

A Bleak Future for Email Marketing?

Sep 27, 2001 - Marketers can gain great insight when they take a break from what they’re doing and watch people engage in interaction with interactive media. So... Comments

New Media's New Role

Sep 20, 2001 - No tips on cutting deals with an Internet portal, nor a discussion of rich media or ad serving. This week, we are all fearful for the future, and Tom... Comments

Sales Should Be About Service

Sep 13, 2001 - If as a media salesperson you want to be effective at getting on an agency media buy, Tom can give you some good advice. If you want to keep more of... Comments

Precluding Plausible Deniability

Sep 6, 2001 - Many online planners have experienced that sinking feeling when they call the client and find out that a meeting took place between a media vendor and... Comments

Disclosing the Quality Is Job-One

Aug 30, 2001 - If advertisers and publishers alike were fully cognizant of the true value of online advertising, it's likely that demand for online ads would pick... Comments

Nowhere to Go But Up

Aug 23, 2001 - Many advertisers with a significant Web presence are hardcore direct-response advertisers. They know exactly how much they want to pay to make a sale... Comments

Targeting Domains, Cutting Through the Clutter

Aug 16, 2001 - Have you noticed that users from particular domains or ISPs are responding better to your message than the general Web population? Target them specifically... Comments

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