Chris Maher

Chris Maher

Chris Maher is president of FOSFORUS, an Austin-based company that provides business-to-business advertising, media, marketing and interactive services. For seventeen years, Chris has been a top creative director and agency principal. His campaigns have generated a cumulative total of $200 million in technology sales for companies like Dell, Tivoli, Microsoft, i2 Technologies, ClickCommerce, and FreeMarkets.


The Ordinary Marketer

Jun 19, 2002 - Marketing shouldn't be about the occasional one-off print ad or quickie campaign. To be successful, you need to incorporate winning techniques into... Comments

The Vacation Column

Jun 5, 2002 - We're living in an untrusting environment, and the prevailing mood is creating changes in our industry and throughout our world. But it's time to stop... Comments

Email Copy for the Next Economy

May 22, 2002 - Email that speaks to executives: a five-point checklist. Comments

Context Matters

May 8, 2002 - Before you craft your email marketing messages, carefully consider the context in which they’ll be received. Comments

In All Candor

Apr 24, 2002 - Billions have been spent on complex supply chain management and enterprise resource planning technologies, but why has so little attention been paid... Comments

Going In: Some Things I Think About With Every Email Campaign

Apr 10, 2002 - There’s no such thing as business-to-business, just person-to-person, so take some risks with your next campaign. Comments

Revisiting the Email Newsletter

Mar 27, 2002 - So, you need to educate the market, and you’ve chosen an email newsletter to help you do the job. Chris shares some do’s and don’ts for email newsletter... Comments

A Structural Flaw

Mar 13, 2002 - Ask questions. Expect answers. Don't settle for the geese, the salmon, or 'bidirectional change propagation.' Comments

Four Short Articles About Business Email

Feb 27, 2002 - The most instructive of tales can be told in just a few short paragraphs. This week, Chris shares some pithy observations that can help move your B2B... Comments

The Offer Culture

Feb 13, 2002 - In some organizations, sales and marketing functions have grown so divorced, you can almost forget that both are aimed at winning new customers. Here’s... Comments

Deconstructing Chigbo

Jan 30, 2002 - You may not get free millions out of the classic Nigerian scam email, but there’s certainly value worth extracting. Comments

These Times

Jan 16, 2002 - Times have changed, and marketing needs to change with them. Comments

Roses in the Wreckage

Jan 2, 2002 - Chris likes economists. Like him, they are, as often as not, wrong. Comments

Thank You, Mr. Malone

Dec 19, 2001 - Chris learned early in his career that accountable marketing gets no respect and branding is where it's at, but his perspective is a little different... Comments

The Extra-Hotcake Theory

Dec 5, 2001 - When his short stack got a little bit taller one morning, Chris took note, discovering a smart marketing principle that’s applied especially well through... Comments

The Formula

Nov 21, 2001 - Some "Guy"s never learn the secrets to developing a successful B2B email newsletter. Chris shares tips to help make sure you’re not one of them. Comments

Email and the Limits of Technology

Nov 7, 2001 - Think email marketing is a technological magic bullet? Think again. Comments

The Rules According to Me

Oct 24, 2001 - It's a crazy world, but there are a few things Chris is certain about. Comments

He Blessed Them Unaware

Mar 29, 2001 - Where lambs have nibbled, silent move / The feet of angels bright; / Unseen they pour blessing / And joy without ceasing / On each bud and blossom... Comments

On Happily Disrupting the User Experience

Mar 8, 2001 - No one in his right mind would disrupt the user experience, right? Well Chris isn't in his right mind and admits it. And he's a raving pragmatist to... Comments

Light Movements

Jan 18, 2001 - It may seem counterintuitive, but light doesn't travel in a straight line. It bends. It bounces. It swings. It meanders. And, eventually, it reaches... Comments

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