Barry Silverstein

Barry Silverstein

Barry Silverstein is CEO of Directech|eMerge, a direct marketing and e-marketing agency in Lexington, MA. He is the author of the books "Business-to-Business Internet Marketing," Third Edition, and "Internet Marketing for Information Technology Companies" (Maximum Press).


Tough Times? Time to Partner

Sep 7, 2001 - You've likely noticed the reports about partnerships and strategic alliances amid the all the news of stocks plummeting and layoffs. That's because... Comments

B2B Online Advertising: Dead or Alive?

Aug 3, 2001 - Barry reviews a rash of statistics, information, and data that have been released in recent months about online advertising. And he draws some conclusions... Comments

B2B Personalization Revisited

Jul 6, 2001 - In the context of building customer relationships, there's strong evidence that customizing and personalizing the Web experience leads to greater customer... Comments

Going Global With Internet Marketing

Jun 8, 2001 - Global Internet marketing -- and the electronic commerce associated with it -- is predicted to escalate dramatically in the next several years. The... Comments

Three Ways to Pull a Prospect to You

May 4, 2001 - Want to increase the effectiveness of your Internet marketing activities? Here are three techniques to reach prospects at the right time in the sales... Comments

B2B Marketers: Are You Ready for Tomorrow?

Apr 6, 2001 - For B2B marketers, Internet marketing is emerging as an inevitable way of doing business, but it's your audience that drives the effectiveness of direct... Comments

Don't Build a Web Site - Build a Response Site

Mar 9, 2001 - Do you use your Web site for lead generation, qualification, and sales? Here's how to incorporate direct marketing techniques into your Web site for... Comments

Marketing to Your B2B Customers One-on-One

Feb 15, 2001 - Many B2B marketers realize that building a customer-centric company is vital to corporate health and profitability. Yet even some of themost customer... Comments

The Verticalization of the Web

Jan 19, 2001 - Barry tells you how increasing verticalization of the web will make life a lot easier for B2B marketers. Comments

Repackaging Your Online Events

Dec 15, 2000 - Online events are losing their novelty and achieving mass adoption. That's why it's imperative to differentiate your online event from everyone else... Comments

The Hidden Value of B2B Email

Nov 17, 2000 - Is it premature for B2B marketers to assume that email can replace direct mail or telemarketing? Integrate email into your existing marketing programs... Comments

B2B Means Back to Basics

Oct 20, 2000 - Barry wants to talk elementary marketing. Why? Because it's amazing that even the most basic rules of marketing are sometimes broken by savvy B2B Internet... Comments

Shakeout Looming in B2B Communities?

Sep 22, 2000 - B2B communities are places where businesses sometimes engage in e-commerce, but that's not their primary goal. Exchanges or online marketplaces, on... Comments

Breaking Through With Information

Aug 25, 2000 - Name any industry, any line of business, any subject, and you'll find some relatively in-depth information about it on the web for free. One of the... Comments

Now Is the Time to Integrate

Jul 14, 2000 - The Internet juggernaut has already revolutionized marketing, yet some B2B marketers remain behind in fully migrating to Internet marketing. Barry gives... Comments

Treating Customers Like... Customers

Jun 9, 2000 - Buyers are not as loyal as they used to be in the past. Where loyalty does exist, it's frequently connected to service and support rather than to the... Comments

"Modeling" Your E-Commerce Efforts

May 12, 2000 - Before you rush head-first into B2B e-commerce and hit a brick wall, you might want to consider your current selling model. Understanding what it is... Comments

It's Not Just A Web Site Anymore

Apr 14, 2000 - Marketing professionals who are responsible for web sites need to take control of them and, if necessary, make tough decisions when they aren't working... Comments

E-fulfillment: Go There

Mar 10, 2000 - The shift to e-business has brought with it a new expectation: e-fulfillment. In the e-business world, prospects and customers will expect to get their... Comments

Is It Time for a Customer-Driven Extranet?

Feb 11, 2000 - Every day in Internet-land, you hear about poor customer service. E-marketers are scrambling to improve customer relationships, and CRM solutions are... Comments

Building Your Own Business-to-Business Internet Community

Jan 14, 2000 - Barry gives you a basic plan for building your own business community. Doing so may not be the right option for everyone, but it offers some interesting... Comments

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