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What Obama and Clinton Fans View Online

Apr 18, 2007 - Tacoda paired its data with ComScore's to determine what visitors to Hillary Clinton's and Barack Obama's campaign sites look at elsewhere online. Comments

Traffic to Political Sites Increases with Broadband

Sep 20, 2006 - Broaband access and more opportunity for political news and information attract Internet users to the Web for continual updates. Comments

Cell-Only Population: Young and Tech Savvy

May 16, 2006 - The 7 to 9 percent of the population who opt for a cell phone instead of a landline skews younger, less affluent. Comments

The Future of Online Political Fundraising

Mar 8, 2006 - The Web paves a clear path for new donors to political campaigns and increases the donor pool for future rounds of contributions. Comments

Political Blogs A Presidential Election Force

May 16, 2005 - Political bloggers emerged as a 'Fifth Estate' during the 2004 presidential elections. Comments

Online Tax Sites Busy As Procrastinators Near Deadline

Apr 18, 2005 - Robust traffic growth to tax sites this season outpaced U.S. Internet population growth. Comments

File Sharers Go Beyond P2P

Mar 23, 2005 - Americans pessimistic about government's ability to curb illegal file sharing. Comments

Internet Played Bigger Role in U.S. Politics in '04

Mar 6, 2005 - People turned to Web as a primary political news source during election year. Comments

RFID Tag Market to Swell Tenfold by 2009

Jan 18, 2005 - Cartons and consumer products cited as key growth verticals. Comments

Experts: Devastating U.S. Cyber-Attack Within 10 Years

Jan 9, 2005 - Threat of future terrorist activity likely to increase government and corporate surveillance. Comments

Federal Government Upped IT Spending 60 Percent in '04

Dec 27, 2004 - Department of Homeland of Security creation part of a surge in Fed's tech spending. Comments

Politics Pulls Users Online

Aug 10, 2004 - Candidate Web sites are experiencing big traffic gains, as Americans turn to the Internet for political news, information and donation methods. Comments

Michigan Tops in E-Gov't

Jul 23, 2004 - Led by Michigan, Washington and Virginia, a number of states have exhibited consistent progress and commitment to e-government initiatives. Comments

E-Gov't Growing, Phone Still Preferred

May 24, 2004 - Those who interact with some level of government are more comfortable using non-electronic communication methods, particularly if the reason for contact is complex or urgent. Comments

Voters Caught Up in Political Net

Jan 12, 2004 - More than one-third of Americans have gathered political information online, chipping away at traditional media's dominance for regularly educating citizens about candidates and the campaign. Comments

U.S. Gov't Computers Get Barely Passing Grade

Dec 11, 2003 - Things are improving: The federal government's computer security network has been upgraded to a D since 2002 when the overall score was F, and there has been a decline in successful attacks. Comments

Errors Rampant on Gov't Sites

Jun 20, 2003 - An examination of the top U.S. government Web sites revealed application integrity failures on more than two-thirds. Comments

Global E-Gov Parallel with E-Com

Nov 19, 2002 - The proportion of Internet users who have made transactions using government services online is equal to the proportion of users who have made online shopping purchases. Comments

Pen Pal Politicians Reach Voters

Nov 5, 2002 - A growing number of elected officials in the U.S. are finding that the power of the people may lie in the power of the Internet. Comments

Around the World with E-Government

Apr 24, 2002 - Many countries are reaching their citizens through technology, but some nations are more successful at it than others. Comments

Internet Voting Improves Participation

Apr 12, 2002 - Author examines 2000 Arizona Democratic primary that was first to use Web. Comments

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