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Relevance Is Your True North

  |  April 2, 2013   |  Comments

How to use it to cut through content clutter.

Today's Internet can seem like a vast sea of largely unregulated blogs, forums, news sites, and essentially - digital clutter. With infinite sources targeting and competing for the attention of customers, it's easy to get lost in all the noise. While many companies' digital marketing strategies operate under the philosophy that "If you build it, they will come," this is not sufficient as an approach. Companies can no longer engage in a one-way communication channel without taking into consideration what consumers actually want out of their content environments. Consumers are fickle and they're hungry for meaningful, up-to-date, bite-sized content relevant to the moment. With people constantly accessing information on several different devices multiple times per day, online marketing strategies must keep pace with this always-on, yet ever-changing content consumption behavior and traversing of content environments. The solution is one simple operating principle: relevance.

The Relevance Principle

Relevance is the most essential component to solving today's content marketing challenges. It sounds simple but relevancy is something that even the savviest CMOs can overlook. Not only must marketers establish effective content distribution channels, including blogs, social media, newsletters, and microsites, but they must also stay relevant by constantly evolving, maintaining, and updating these channels with fresh, meaningful content that appeals to their target customers and what they do online. Researching, reading, reviewing, participating in community, communicating, liking, bookmarking, sharing, and purchasing all have their nuances.

But how do marketers find, organize, and distribute relevant content in real time - and sustain that relevancy? The easiest, most effective way to do this is by employing a dynamic content marketing management platform. This will enable a company to discover, curate, and distribute the best content from around the web, including news articles, blogs, videos, tweets, and photos.

A good content marketing management platform will allow marketers to easily customize content streams from various places online and stream them directly to one dashboard for easy management. That way, businesses can package and integrate this content across several marketing channels, creating a world of efficiencies.

One of the most valuable things about a content marketing management platform is the analytics it will provide, which is an important aspect of driving relevancy. A good platform will arm companies with valuable data, insights, and tracking information that will tell them everything about what content is working and what content isn't - with the goal to maximize audience engagement. This helps identify relevant content, which can aid in increasing loyalty, creating new customer engagement opportunities, and driving key conversion metrics. In addition, an effective solution will help businesses better engage customers, imagine new ways to amplify website traffic, automate content marketing, build thought-leadership, improve competitive intelligence, increase lead conversion, and reduce digital publishing costs.

With the right content marketing management partner supporting you behind the scenes, marketers can efficiently and cost-effectively become an authority on relevant topics. For instance, a company can add a management tool to curate articles based on topic and relevancy, pull them into a customized dashboard, and efficiently create a much more textured content package. This approach to thought leadership satisfies the content needs of today's always-on consumer who prefers to scan shorter content on websites and tap into multiple touch points rather than delving into long-form editorial.

Taking advantage of the right platform simplifies the content marketing management process, and drives measurable results. Combined with your commitment to the principle itself - content marketing management is your path to relevancy, which must always be your true north.

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Matthew Kumin

Matthew has worked in the software and Internet industry for over 18 years and has extensive experience building data, content, and publishing-oriented digital businesses.

Prior to founding PublishThis, Matthew served on the executive management team at Edmunds.com, where as EVP, Media he was responsible for helping grow the Internet's leading automotive site from 2001-2008. While at Edmunds, Matthew oversaw the company’s flagship website, Edmunds.com and led product development for the company's successful web expansion, including its syndication platform that powered the automotive channels for AOL, The New York Times, iVillage, and About.com.

Before that, Matthew helped develop and grow The Studio System, the entertainment industry's premier film and television database. Matthew started his career at Andersen Consulting and received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas in Austin.

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