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Seeing What You Don't See in Digital Marketing

  |  April 5, 2012   |  Comments   |  

If you are puzzling about how to do digital marketing in a correct way, here's one way to learn and be inspired.

The SES Shanghai conference, brought to you by ClickZ.Asia, takes place April 16-18. If you want a reason to attend the show, this article is for you. And here's why.

For many of us in the marketing business, marketing is a series of communications for activities such as branding, advertising, and customer conversation. But what does marketing actually mean? Today, marketing is more like a problem-solving vehicle.

Ironically, the problem(s) we encounter when doing marketing sometimes is the marketing itself! I don't mean to be philosophical. With various emerging new media coming out in every six months, our marketing mix couldn't be more complicated.

Today our marketing objective is no longer only to reach out our audience and send the message out. We want to develop inbound marketing and to be found by our target customers at the moment when they show interest in our products. We also want to have penetrated into the second opinions upon the influence starts spreading among the interest groups.... Because of the ever-changing marketing tactics, we end up encountering a lot of problems.

The marketing problems that I mention here actually are the assumptions of marketing - those self-fulfilling prophecies. I like to refer this kind of marketing assumption as WYSIWYG, an acronym for "what you see is what you get." For example, we love to believe that upon putting up an ad placement, we've reached the target audience, and they will respond exactly as we ask them to. Yes, they may follow or they may not, but how do we know?

Being in a complicated marketing landscape, particularly in the digital sphere, we've created more and more marketing blind spots for ourselves. What are they? To name a few, insight of the analytics report other than the click-stream, the actual influence behind the outreach of social media, the purchase intent of each search query, etc. They are the distinct and obvious values but have not been discovered by us. If we lack the ability to identify the blind spots in our marketing actions, we will continuously puzzle over our marketing outcome.

Since 1999, SES has been a platform for digital marketers to exchange problem-solving techniques. In the April's SES conference, we will bring Avinash Kaushik to Shanghai to talk about how to use analytics report to help you generate insight as well as to identify the opportunity. Bill Hunt, the world's most renowned SEO, will discuss how SEO actually works, and what thing is more important than the ranking on search engine results page? In the first time, Mark Vozzo of Salesforce.com will share with you how the company actually uses customer relationship management (CRM) data to optimize the search marketing.

Not to mention there will be countless of conversations and professional exchanges between the East and the West in the digital marketing sphere. SES has been traveling around the world from New York City to Berlin and to Singapore. Now you have the chance to take part and share your insights.

If you are puzzling about how to do digital marketing in a correct way, I sincerely invite you to come and learn the problem-solving techniques from the world-class digital marketers. Or simply be inspired

Disclosure: The SES conference series is ClickZ.Asia's sister organization.


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Eddie Choi

Eddie is the founding partner of Frontiers Digital and the Executive Director of Milton Exhibits Group. Although Eddie studied classical theory of sociology in college and has a MBA, technology always has been a passion with him. He believes that a combination of technology and communication is what the modern marketing is heading towards in the future. Eddie is a member of Search Engine Strategies Global Advisory Board.

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