The Year in Search: A 2006 Review

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What were eople searching for in 2006? The search engines know.

The end of the year is a time to reflect on events over the past 12 months. A handful of search engines compiled the top searches for the year in several categories. Recaps from Microsoft Live; Google Zeitgeist; Yahoo Search; AOL; and Lycos Top 50 highlight the trends that came and went over the course of 2006.

Top Microsoft Live Searches, 2006
Top Overall SearchesTop Gainers From Last Year
3Paris Hilton3Zinedine Zidane
4Britney Spears4Pink
5Harry Potter5Scarlett Johansson
6Eminem6The Pussycat Dolls
7Pamela Anderson7Rihanna
8Hilary Duff8Superman
9Rebelde9Cristiano Ronaldo
10Angelina Jolie10Victoria Beckham
Top News SearchesTop Product Searches
1Natalee Holloway1Digital camera
2Steve Irwin2Pet supplies
4Paris Hilton4Xbox 360
5David Blane5Canon
6Tom Cruise6The Da Vinci Code
7Chris Daughtry7Panasonic PV-GS300
8North Korea8Canon EOS 30D
9David Copperfield fountain of youth9PlayStation 3
10Taylor Hicks10Samsung mp3 player
Source: Microsoft Live, December, 2006
Top Google Searches, 2006 - Top Searches in 2006 Google News - Top Searches in 2006
1Bebo1Paris Hilton
2MySpace2Orlando Bloom
3World Cup3Cancer
5Radio Blog5Hurricane Katrina
7Video7Martina Hingis
9Mininova92006 NFL draft
10Wiki10Celebrity Big Brother 2006
Source: Google, 2006

Top Yahoo Searches, 2006
Top 10 Overall Searches Top 10 News Story Searches
1Britney Spears1Steven Irwin death
2WWE2Anna Nicole's son dies
4Jessica Simpson4Israel and Lebanon
5Paris Hilton5U.S. elections
6American Idol6Fidel Castro stroke
7Beyonce Knowles7North Korea nuke
8Chris Brown8JonBenet confession
9Pamela Anderson9Saddam Hussein trial
10Lindsay Lohan10Danish cartoon
Top 10 Blog/Blogger Searches Top 10 Politician Searches
1Perez Hilton1George W. Bush
2The Superficial2Arnold Schwarzenegger
3Pink Is the New Blog3Bill Clinton
4Huffinton Post4Hillary Clinton
5TMZ.com5Dick Cheney
6Daily Kos6Mark Foley
7Jossip7John Kerry
8Socialite's Life8Barack Obama
9Little Green Footballs9Nancy Pelosi
10Gawker10Tom Delay
Source: Yahoo Inc., 2006
Top AOL Searches, 2006
OverallTop News Topics
1Weather1Gas prices
2Dictionary2Steven Irwin
4American Idol4Bird flu
6Cars6Natalee Holloway
7Games7Debra Lafave
8Tattoo8Rush Limbaugh
10Lyrics10Hurricane Katrina
Top GadgetsTop Viral Videos
1IPod1Chicken noodle soup
2Cell phones2Ronaldinho
3Digital cameras3Numa Numa
4Tracfone4Barbie Girl
5Playstation 35White and Nerdy
6Laptops6OK Go
7Xbox 3607Evolution of dance
9BlackBerry9Autistic basketball
10Nintendo10Hamster dance
Source: America Online Inc., 2006

Top Lycos Searches, 2006
Search TermsFads
4Pamela Anderson4iPod
5Paris Hilton5YouTube
7WWE7Final Fantasy
9Spyware9Atkins Diet
10Britany Spears10Pilates
News StoriesTop Blogs
1Iran Conflict1Perez Hilton
2World Cup2Huffington Post
3War in Iraq3TMZ
4Heather Mills/Paul McCartney Divorce4Pink is the New Blog
5Israel/Palestine Conflict5PostSecret
6Global Warming

7Winter Olympics

8Debra LaFave Scandal

9Gas Prices

10Stem Cell Research

Source: Lycos Inc., 2006
Top Searches, 2006
Top News SearchesTop Image Searches
1President Bush1Jessica Simpson
2War in Iraq
3Bird Flu3Carmen Electra
4Iran4SpongeBob Squarepants
5Gas Prices5Chris Brown
6North Korea6Naruto
7Britney Spears7Jessica Alba
8Israel / Palestine8Pamela Anderson
9Wall Street9Lindsay Lohan
10World Cup10Paris Hilton
Top Sports SearchesTop Health Searches
1World Cup1Pregnancy
2Barry Bonds2Bird Flu
3Allen Iverson3Stem Cell Research
4Tour de France4Diabetes
5Tiger Woods5E. Coli
6Tony Hawk6Depression
7Zinedine Zidane7AIDS
8World Baseball Classic8Atkins Diet
9Pittsburgh Steelers9Cancer
10Maria Sharapova10Health Insurance
Source:, 2006


Enid Burns

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