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Movies, Mom Dominate Searches

  |  May 13, 2003   |  Comments

Internet searchers had movies, mom, and health concerns on their minds, as evidenced by the most popular terms from the last week.

Internet searchers had movies and mom on their minds, as evidenced by the most popular terms on the The Lycos 50 for the week ending May 11, 2003, yet health was the primary concern on the Yahoo Buzz Index for the week ending May 10, 2003.

New movies, "X2: X-Men United" and "The Matrix Reloaded," grabbed the number 1 and number 5 spots respectively on the Lycos list, and the 4th, 5th and 17th positions on the Yahoo Index, while "Mother's Day" claimed the number 2 spot on Lycos, and number 9 on Yahoo

Yahoo searchers put "SARS" in the top spot, but the contagious illness dropped from number 4 to number 9 on this week's Lycos list. As usual, "KaZaA" and "Tattoos" rounds out the top 5 searches on the Lycos 50.

Debuts and re-entries to the Lycos list include: "Midwest Tornados," "Graduation," "Metallica," "Wheel of Fortune," "Miss Elizabeth," "Survivor," "Anna Kournikova," "Powerball," and "Avril Lavigne."

Lycos indicates that "Tornadoes" got a few more searches than "Tornados," although both spellings are correct, and there were more searches than usual for "Tornado Safety," "Tornado Shelter," and "The Kansas City Star," the newspaper from the hardest-hit city.

While "Kentucky Derby" and "Luther Vandross" dropped off the Lycos list, they debuted at numbers 6 and 18 respectively on the Yahoo Index. "PlayStation2," "R.Kelly," and "Linkin Park" were also Yahoo exclusives last week.

Lycos 50 for the week ending
May 10, 2003
Last Week's
1 X2: X-Men United 1
2 Mother's Day 10
3 KaZaA 3
4 Tattoos 2
5 The Matrix Reloaded 11
6 Dragonball 5
7 American Idol 7
8 Las Vegas 16
9 SARS 4
10 Prom Hairstyles 8
11 Britney Spears 9
12 50 Cent 13
13 Cinco de Mayo 32
14 Pamela Anderson 18
15 WWE 14
16 NBA 19
17 NASCAR 17
18 Brooke Burke 24
19 Jennifer Lopez 23
20 Atkins Diet 15
21 The IRS 20
22 Eminem 27
23 Marijuana 21
24 Baseball 26
25 Yu-Gi-Oh! 22
26 Harry Potter 28
27 The Bible 31
28 Midwest Tornados New
29 Christina Aguilera 29
30 Iraq 30
31 Golf 33
32 Final Fantasy 34
33 Graduation Re-entry
34 NFL 12
35 World War II 46
36 Metallica Re-entry
37 Wheel of Fortune Re-entry
38 Miss Elizabeth New
39 Hilary Duff 38
40 Good Charlotte 40
41 Tupac Shakur 47
42 Survivor Re-entry
43 Anna Kournikova 42
44 Powerball Re-entry
45 B2K 49
46 Lord of the Rings 48
47 Evanescence 43
48 Weight Watchers 39
49 Civil War 41
50 Avril Lavigne Re-entry
Source: Terra Lycos
The Buzz Index for the week
ending May 11, 2003
Last Week's
1 SARS 2
2 50 Cent 3
3 American Idol 5
4 X-Men -
5 X2 -
6 Kentucky Derby -
7 Kazaa 4
8 Eminem 7
9 Mother's Day -
10 Jennifer Lopez 6
11 NASCAR 16
12 NBA 18
13 Christina Aguilera 10
14 Britney Spears 12
15 PlayStation 2 9
16 WWE 24
17 The Matrix 32
18 Luther Vandross -
19 R. Kelly 14
20 Linkin Park 13
Source: Yahoo

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