SES London: Twitter: The Shortest Distance Between You & What Interests You Most

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Oliver Snoddy, the Head of Planning at Twitter UK, opened Day 2 of SES London with his keynote speech on Realtime Marketing Opportunities.

ses-london-2013-logoOliver Snoddy, the Head of Planning at Twitter UK, was the keynote speaker at SES London on Wednesday, 20 Feb. (In his Twitter profile, Snoddy describes himself as the “Wannabe love child of Shane McConkey, Haruki Murakami and Jonny Greenwood.”)

Although Search Engine Watch could provide traditional news coverage of his remarks, it seems more appropriate to use Tweets from the conference to illustrate Snoddy’s point that “Twitter is the shortest distance between you and what interests you most.”

If you would like to see this Tweetstream for yourself, do a search in Twitter for @olisnoddy #seslon. In chronological order, here’s what you’ll see:

Simon Heseltine ‏@SimonHeseltine

a late replacement keynote @olisnoddy from @twitter since @daranasr is apparently pulling a sickie #seslon

Justin Walmsley ‏@justinwalmsley

@olisnoddy from twitter opens #seslon keynote day 2 - Maximising Realtime Marketing Opportunities

Laura Roth ‏@lauraroth

@olisnoddy taken the floor now to take us through Maximising realtime opportunities with twitter to kick off day 2 at #SESLON

Jon Myers ‏@JonDMyers

Just introduced day 2 keynote and now over to @olisnoddy from Twitter! #SESLON

Arianne Donoghue ‏@ArianneDonoghue

Amazing data visualisation from @olisnoddy about Twitter and the Vauxhall helicopter crash #seslon

Laura Roth ‏@lauraroth

Anyone else thinking @olisnoddy looks like a Harry Potter mixture of Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint ;-) #SESLON

Sarah Bradley ‏@SarahMBradley

SES kicks off with @olisnoddy from Twitter, rocking the presentation stage, looking super cool. #SESLON

Laura Roth ‏@lauraroth

"Twitter is the shortest distance between you and what interests you most" via @olisnoddy #SESLON

Simon Heseltine ‏@SimonHeseltine

UK - 80% of Twitter access is mobile, US only 55% - @olisnoddy #seslon

Anders Hjorth ‏@soanders

The Essence of Twitter by @olisnoddy on #SESLON: "the shortest distance between @ and #"

IceBlue ‏@insideiceblue

Superb insights from @olisnoddy of Twitter at #SESLON. This Twitter thing could catch on...

Arianne Donoghue ‏@ArianneDonoghue

"Write less, say more" - constraint inspires creativity. Great keynote from #seslon by @olisnoddy

Wordtracker ‏@wordtracker

O2 managed to benefit from a network outage by fantastic customer service on Twitter. Very clever. #seslon @olisnoddy

Simon Heseltine ‏@SimonHeseltine

so even @olisnoddy doesn't have a verified account #seslon ;)

Mario Colombo ‏@colombo_mario

It's incredible how close you can get to your customers by using Social Media. Listening to Twitter's @olisnoddy #seslon

Amy Greenacre ‏@AmzOnTheMove

Seriously good, slick keynote @olisnoddy #SESLON #owningthestage

Simon Heseltine ‏@SimonHeseltine

esp. given he was a last minute replacement RT @AmzOnTheMoveSeriously good, slick keynote @olisnoddy #SESLON #owningthestage

Liudmila Kiseleva ‏@LiudmilaK

Having a photo in a tweet greatly increases interaction opportunities - via @olisnoddy #seslon

Florian Puisais ‏@florian_sem

@olisnoddy just showed how Twitter offers great opportunity for creative campaigns for brands. For once it's not all about big data #seslon

Andrew Girdwood ‏@AndrewGirdwood

I asked whether Twitter had changed. A tricky Q for @olisnoddy. He said ~It hasn't changed, but is now more brand safe~. #seslon

Matt McGowan ‏@matt_mcgowan

Fantastic! @olisnoddy thnks for a great start to @SESConf London Day 2 #seslon

Vanessa Carberry ‏@VanessaCarberry

Excellent #seslon keynote thanks to twitter's @olisnoddy - maximising real time marketing opportunities

Heledd Jones ‏@heleddjones

Morning #seslon I was too late for twitter @olisnoddy's keynote speech, but if I RT some tweets I can pretend I was there, right?

Louis Venter ‏@louisventer

Post is up from a great keynote from @olisnoddy! Maximising Realtime Marketing Opportunities #SESLON http://www.stateofsearch.com/maximising-realtime-marketing-opportunities-seslon/“>http://bit.ly/157o71c

Linkdex ‏@Linkdex

If you've missed this morning keynote by @olisnoddy at #SESLON here is our summary http://www.linkdex.com/blog/morning-keynote-maximising-realtime-marketing-opportunities/“>http://bit.ly/Xvvdcm enjoy!

Justin Walmsley ‏@justinwalmsley

@olisnoddy i haven't seen it yet, but may try and download it for the journey home after #seslon today. Seth Chronicles were a good watch

SES London 2013: Day 2

Here's a recap of more live coverage of SES London 2013 Day 2:

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