ClickZ’s Super Bowl XLVIII Ad Pregame Show

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Automobile Mania

Additional early release winners include a slew of auto manufacturers: Audi has 5.7 million views of its "Doberhuahua" spot; Jaguar has 4.3 million views of its "British Villians Rendezvous" spot; Chevrolet has 4.1 million views of its "Romance" spot; and Volkswagen has 3.8 million views of its "Wings" spot.

According to Volkswagen brand media manager Jennifer Clayton, as noted in the spot, the idea behind "Wings" is that the brand has more vehicles with 100,000 miles on the road than any other manufacturer "and really take on the idea that our vehicles are quality and reliable and last a long time."

Like Google's Dahlen, she also mentions Volkswagen's "Force" spot, which was an early player in the early release game.

"We were one of the few -- if not the only advertiser -- to do that a couple of years ago and then everybody followed suit. The reason we've done it is because it extends the opportunity to communicate whatever our Super Bowl campaign is and make the most of that investment," Clayton says. "From one day to something spread over 10 to 14, we can really increase the return on investment from our Super Bowl campaign. It turns one spot into a broad campaign and gives us more opportunity to engage with potential customers."

vw-wings-6062-wip-0127-tearVolkswagen teased its "Wings" spot this year with a video released January 20, which has about 2 million views.

Tebow and T-Mobile

As YouTube figures demonstrate, these early winners are in good company. On January 31, T-Mobile announced it has teamed up with NFL-contract-less Tim Tebow to make the case for Contract Freedom, the brand's offer to pay off the contract termination fees of customers who switch to T-Mobile from other carriers and trade in their devices.

The spots mark T-Mobile's first Super Bowl ads and feature Tebow in "a series of tongue-in-cheek vignettes showing how awesome life can be when you aren't tied down to a long-term contract," the brand says.

The "C" Suite

Additional Super Bowl advertisers who have released ads prior to the game include: CarMax's "Slow Clap," which has 900,000 views since January 21; Cheerios' "Gracie," which has 2.1 million views since January 28; Chobani's "Bear," which has 132,000 views since January 28; and Coca-Cola's "Going All the Way," which has 1.7 million views since January 27 and which Jennifer Healan, group director of integrated marketing content, describes as a "Great American story and a great Coke story." 

Others include: Dannon Oikos Yogurt's "The Spill," which has 2.8 million views since January 25 and features spokesman John Stamos' return to the Super Bowl alongside former Full House costars Bob Saget and Dave Coulier; Heinz Ketchup's "Hum," which has 87,000 views since January 30; Kia's "The Truth," which has 1.3 million views since January 28; and Toyota's "Big Game Ad" starring Terry Crews and the Muppets, which has 2.8 million views since January 28.

In addition, brands that had released videos prior to the publication of ClickZ's preview have about 3 to 4 million views apiece, including Axe's "Make Love Not War," which has 3.8 million views since January 14; Doritos' "Finger Cleaner," which has 3 million views since November 24; and Butterfinger's "#CupTherapy" teaser, which has 3.2 million views since January 17.

Butterfinger is among the brands that have elected to maintain an element of surprise for Sunday.



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