Romney Ad Firm Partners for Big Data on Hispanics

Apr 30, 2012 - Targeted Victory partners exclusively with one large online Hispanic data firm. Comments

GOP Gears Up Digital Team for Election Season

gop-actionnetwork Apr 26, 2012 - Party hopes corporate execs from ShareThis and Rockfish help it compete with Democrats in 2012. Comments

Santorum Spent $1M on Web Ads, but Super PACs Attacked

ricksantorum-helpwinnomination1 Apr 12, 2012 - UPDATE: Super PACs like pro-Mitt Romney group Restore Our Future spent online in primary states to dampen Santorum's surge in polls. Comments

Optimizing the 2012 Presidential Donation Forms

obama-form-control-optimized-thumb Apr 10, 2012 - A website optimization review for five U.S. presidential campaigns' online donation forms. Comments

Obama Web Ads Name Romney for First Time

obama-romney4 Apr 9, 2012 - Display and video ads from Obama's campaign reflect an integrated cross-media messaging approach. Comments

Univision Sells Hispanic Digital Audience for 2012 Election

univision-voter Apr 4, 2012 - The Spanish-language media outlet aims to attract political advertisers to its targeted video ads in 2012. Comments

Wisconsin: No Santorum Web Ads as Romney PAC Spends Big

santorum-wi Apr 3, 2012 - Pro-Romney Super PAC spent $100,000 on anti-Santorum web ads in Wisconsin. Comments

Video: A Talk With Newt Gingrich's Digital Consultant

vincentharris Mar 30, 2012 - ClickZ Politics interviews Vincent Harris of Harris Media about the impact Gingrich's campaign cuts might have on his digital efforts. Comments

Big Data From Democratic Party Spawns Web Ad Targeting Firm

dspolitical Mar 30, 2012 - Democrats' largest database, Catalist and online ad firm Collective partner to produce DSPolitical. Comments

Political Consultants Open to Inevitable Digital Future

Mar 30, 2012 - At the AAPC Conference, traditional media consultants get a digital education. Comments

Obama Camp On Pace to Spend $35 Million on Web Ads

obama-michigan Mar 26, 2012 - The Obama camp and DNC have spent around $13 million on digital advertising. Comments

Think Tank Aims Mobile Healthcare Ads at Supreme Court

Mar 23, 2012 - Conservative group aims to reach reporters and activists interested in Affordable Care Act case. Comments

Political Scrapbooking and Etch A Sketching on Pinterest

pinterest-romney-etch Mar 23, 2012 - Pinterest for positive politics and reaching female voters. Comments

Larger Portion of Hispanics Visit Romney and Paul Sites Than Obama’s

nielsen-politicalsite-charts Mar 21, 2012 - Obama site also drew much smaller portion of young voters compared to GOP sites. Comments

Outside Groups Spend Online in Illinois Congressional Races

ilya-sheyman-illinois-pccc Mar 20, 2012 - Biggest online ad blitz in Illinois, however, attacks presidential hopeful Rick Santorum. Comments

Paul Super PAC Seeks Older White Voters Online

endorseliberty-video Mar 20, 2012 - Endorse Liberty is trying to reach key voting blocs, looking ahead to a brokered Republican convention. Comments

Tea Party Group FreedomWorks Spent $100K on Web Ads This Year

orrin-hatch Mar 15, 2012 - Super PAC dropped $56,000 on web ads to fight Senator Orrin Hatch in today's GOP caucus in Utah. Comments

Super PAC Spent $185K on Web Ads for Gingrich in Alabama, Mississippi

gingrich-missal-siteimage Mar 13, 2012 - Group spent same amount across several Super Tuesday states. Comments

ClickZ on Digital Politics Radio

romney-jobplanad-9 Mar 13, 2012 - Listen to senior editor Kate Kaye on Digital Politics Radio. Comments

Obama's Reelection Site Is Tracking You, Too

obama-announcementad1 Mar 12, 2012 - How the Obama camp manages multiple third party ad tech relationships. Comments

Obama Pet Lovers Ad Could Be Romney Dig

obama-petlovers4obama3 Mar 8, 2012 - New Obama ad features the family pup, signals niche marketing plans. Comments

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