Are you ready for digital transformation?

The digital revolution is upon us, disrupting everything from sales and marketing to service delivery. Digitally native customers now expect a seamless online experience, and will have no hesitation looking elsewhere if your business can’t provide it.

Recognising the potential costs of resisting this change, businesses are beginning to take digital transformation seriously:

  • 86% of organizations say they have 2 years to make inroads with digital transformation
  • 55% of businesses estimate they have a year or less before they begin to suffer financially or from competitive threats
  • 59% are worried they may be too late.

How prepared are you for digital transformation?

To help you find out, Progress Sitefinity have produced a Digital Transformation Kit. It contains three detailed resources to help you assess your current technological and organisational abilities, as well as information to help you plan ahead. The kit includes:

  • CMS Evaluation Guide: Learn how your CMS can enhance the customer experience
  • Digital Marketing Maturity Guide: Rate your usage of digital marketing technology
  • Data-Driven Marketing e-Book: Learn how to use the power of your data to drive growth

Fill in the form below to download the kit and find out if you’re ready for digital transformation.