10 of the most popular ClickZ guest articles from 2015

Guest writers make an amazing contribution to ClickZ, and here are the most popular we’ve published this year.

It’s not all about pageviews though, so a big thank-you to anyone who contributed this year.

I’ve listed them with the largest number of pageviews first.

 1. 50 digital marketing tools to grow your start-up

A great list of digital tools from Bryan Eisenberg.

2. The state of social media in China

Joshua J. Steimle with a loom at the most significant social media platforms in China.

 3. Why Periscope is the next big thing in social media

Bob Cargill takes a look at the potential of Periscope…


4. 10 B2B brands that are killing it on social media

Bob Cargill again with a look at some great social examples to follow.

 5. Why Customer Match is the biggest thing to happen to email since Hotmail

At the end of September, Google announced a new offering,  Customer Match. Derek Harding explains its potential impact on email marketing.


 6. 14 online tools for visual content creation

Navneet Kaushal lists some great tools for creating content.

 7. Double opt-in: then, now, and when it’s a best practice

Jeanne Jennings explains how she determines whether to recommend single or double opt-in to a client.

 8. These three digital marketing strategies are making ads more relevant for all

Tessa Wegert looks at some ways that brands can produce highly relevant campaigns.



 9. 12 social media posts that are funnier than yours

Funny posts win on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, though maybe not LinkedIn.

Here are 12 good examples from Bob Cargill…

 10. Five ways to target email users with display ads

Liz Rutgersson discusses five options for display targeting within email environments, looking at the highlights and consideration points for each.


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