100% of Pop-Up Vendors Finds Pop-Ups Effective

OK, VitalStream isn’t a pop-up vendor, but I find the press release the company issued today pretty darn misleading.

The headline is “Pop-Up Ads Worth the Price For Free Content.” It makes no illusion to pop-up blockers, a de facto part of users’ software arsenal and the default setting of new browser releases. And the copy goes on to make some sneaky and suspicious jumps, such as:

“Web site distractions are actually quite effective, with over one-third, or 37 percent, of respondents admitting that they have purchased a product or service online because of an Internet ad.”

Isn’t a a bit of a leap to infer all online ads distract in the same manner as pop-ups do?

When Microsoft, AOL, Earthlink, Netscape and Firefox (for starters) bake in pop-up blockers, and tout the fact in marketing campaigns, there’s gotta be a problem with research reports such as this one. The thrust is consumers don’t mind pop-ups if they can still get content for free. I’m guessing they’re not getting the pop-ups in the first place.

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