1040EZ-E: YouTube Contests Getting All Up in Your Tax Forms

Hey look, it’s an advertising battle for the YouTube age.

Two online tax services, TurboTax and TaxCut Online, have launched dueling video contests on YouTube. TurboTax’s is a rap video competition hosted by Vanilla Ice. Entries range from merely bad to the utterly ridiculous, from traditional hip-hop to so-whacked-it’s-almost-good. What do you call that last one: TaxCore? (Oh, and here’s Vanilla’s contribution.)

TaxCut Online meanwhile is asking YouTubers to submit videos on the theme “Me and My Super Sweet Refund.” Nearly 150 contributions so far. The dumber the better seems to be the rule here.

Both contests offer cash prizes to contributors. Is this a good way to get more people to file their taxes online? I don’t know, but I’m feeling taxed.

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