15 Percent of UK Population Online

A study by internetTrak has found the growth of the Internet in the UK is higher than in France and Germany and is equal to the growth shown in the US two years ago. The study estimates 15 percent of the UK population is online.

The on-going study, which polls more than 3,000 people, found that there are now more than 7 million people online in the UK. Almost half (3.3 million) have shopped online in the last six months, up from 2 million the previous year.

In the last six months the online population has grown by 1.1 million. The study found that 40 percent of the new users are women. In addition, 47 percent of users ages 14-17 are female, this is the fastest growing group according to internetTrak.

The study was conducted on behalf of Ziff-Davis and Dell Computers.

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