180solutions Ethics Transplant Apparently Successful

Adware player 180solutions is on a best practices binge this week. Yesterday I learned the firm joined the venerable NAI. Today it announces a zero tolerance stance toward rogue affiliates. From the release:

The new technology is designed to thwart the efforts of rogue distributors who use botnets, Windows security holes and other illicit means to fraudulently install the company’s software onto computers without user consent.

S3 technology, which helps prevent the suppression or manipulation of the user consent experience prior to installation, is included in all new distributions of the Zango Search Assistant and the 180search Assistant beginning today.

While all new affiliates are now required to distribute only the S3-enabled search assistants, existing affiliates will be given until December 31, 2005, to switch over to the new distribution format at which point no affiliate will receive payment from 180solutions for distributing previous versions of the search software.

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