Insights20 great Instagram stats for advertisers

20 great Instagram stats for advertisers

Instagram has transformed into a global community of consumers and brands with over 400 million members who share more than 80 million photos and videos every day. Here are 20 great stats to help you optimise your engagement and formulate a winning strategy.

Instagram has transformed into a global community of consumers and brands with over 400 million members who share more than 80 million photos and videos every day. Here are 20 great stats to help you optimise your engagement and formulate a winning strategy:

  1. The platform has over 400 million monthly active users
  2. Over 75% of those users are outside the U.S.
  3. Over 30 billion photos have been shared
  4. Instagram users generate 3.5 billion like per day
  5. Over 80 million photos are uploaded per day


6. Instagam’s monthly userbase has grown from 90 million in Jan 2013, to 400 million in September 2015.


7.  Monthly US Instagram users are expected to reach 111.6 million by 2019. instastat3

8.  The graph below shows a selection of companies Facebook has acquired since 2009 and their respective acquisition price. In February 2014, the social networking company acquired social messenger app WhatsApp for 14 billion U.S. dollars.


9. In February 2014 in the US, Instagram had 6.5 million multi-platform users, 20 million desktop users, and 40 million mobile users.


10.  As of January 2014, it was found that 41% percent of US Android users who had installed Instagram were also daily active users. instastat6

11. As of September 2015, the greatest share of traffic to Instagram was from the United States, 23.94 percent of traffic, while traffic from the United Kingdom accounted for 3.57 percent of site visits.


12. This graph below gives information on the most popular retailers ranked by Instagram upstream traffic as of August 2013. During the survey period, it was found that retailer Forever21 received 0.39 percent of its website traffic from the social network.


13. The most popular Instagram account as of October 2015, sorted by the highest numbers of followers, is singer Beyoncé’s account @beyonce – with 49.1 million followers.


14. According to a chart of the most popular networks worldwide as of August 2015, ranked by number of active accounts, Instagram sits below Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, and others.


15. According to a survey investigating the average network size of teenage Instagram users in the US, 11 percent of respondents had 101 to 200 followers on the social network. The U.S. teen average was 150 followers. According to a February 2015 survey, 59 percent of U.S. teens accessed the social network.


16.  As of April 2015, 35% of U.S. users accessed Instagram several times a day. By 2019, the total number of Instagram users in the United States is expected to be almost double the 2014 figure.


17. According to a recent report on the preferences of American teens, Instagram continues to rise in popularity among young internet users. In the Fall 2015 edition of the survey, 33% of U.S. teens chose Instagram as their personal number 1, up from just 12% in 2012. Instagram’s rise comes at the expense of Facebook and Twitter who were chosen by 14 and 20% of the respondents, respectively.

Instagram isn’t the only platform challenging Facebook and Twitter for teenagers’ love and attention: Snapchat is also on the rise and eclipsed Facebook in popularity among U.S. teens for the first time in the most recent edition of the bi-annual survey.


18. 50% of comments are posted in the first six hours.


19. According to Simply Measured, there’s little correlation between text length and engagement rate.


20. Adding a location to posts results in 79% higher engagement.


[Sources: Statista, Sprout Social]



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