2012 Campaign Video: Obama for America (2011)

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Barack Obama/Organizing for America

“Jim Messina: Paths to 270 Electoral Votes — Obama For America”
Posted: December 29, 2011

“Welcome Home, Michael: a Dad, a Husband, and a Marine — Happy Holidays”
Posted: December 27, 2011

“Ask Mitt Romney Where He Stands on Raising Your Taxes”
Posted: December 21, 2011

“Home for the Holidays: Share Why You’re Working to Re-elect President Obama”
Posted: December 20, 2011

“Affordable Care Act: Closing the Medicare Doughnut Hole”
Posted: December 20, 2011

“Faces of Change: Emily’s Health Care Story”
Posted: December 17, 2011

“Ending the War in Iraq: A Promise Kept”
Posted: December 15, 2011

“President Obama Reflects on Dinner–Extra Footage from Dinner with Barack”
Posted: December 1, 2011

“Dinner with Barack: My Father’s Impact”
Posted: November 22, 2011

“Dinner With Barack: Why Education is Important”
Posted: November 22, 2011

“Dinner with Barack: Two Teachers, an Army Veteran, a Small Business Owner, and The President”
Posted: November 21, 2011

“Video Preview: Dinner with Barack”
Posted: November 21, 2011

“Fighting for Veterans’ Jobs: Keep the Pressure on Congress to Pass the President’s Jobs Plan”
Posted: November 21, 2011

“Jim Messina: One Million Person-to-Person Conversations – Obama For America”
Posted: November 16, 2011

“Veterans Day 2011: Honoring our Nation’s Veterans for their Service and Sacrifice”
Posted: November 10, 2011

“University of Florida College Democrats and Orlando Organizing Fellows Support President Obama”
Posted: November 8, 2011

“OFA Florida Tampa Volunteer Conference: Fired up to Recruit Volunteers and Organize”
Posted: November 8, 2011

“Interactive calendar: Stay in the loop on events near you”
Posted: November 7, 2011

“What if…?”
Posted: November 6, 2011

“2012 Presidential Election: Volunteer for Barack Obama’s Campaign”
Posted: November 4, 2011

“Reducing Your Student Loan Debt: Barack Obama’s plan to help College Student Loan Borrowers”
Posted: October 26, 2011

“Young Americans are Greater Together, Join Now at BarackObama.com/youngamericans – 2012 Campaign”
Posted: October 25, 2011

“President Obama: Help Us Get to One Million”
Posted: October 14, 2011

“More Jobs for Americans: Stand with President Obama to Continue the Fight for Jobs”
Posted: October 12, 2011

“Latino Community Members Share Why They Support President Obama After His American Jobs Act Speech”
Posted: October 10, 2011

“Obama 2012 Campaign Video: Saving Early Voting Rights – Citizens’ Veto for Ohio House Bill 194”
Posted: October 5, 2011

“President Obama repeals ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ – DADT Ends September 20, 2011 – Veterans speak”
Posted: September 19, 2011

“JoinObama.com – President Obama wants to meet you, join his 2012 campaign now”
Posted: September 15, 2011

“Save Early Voting in Ohio: Help Enact the Citizens’ Veto for Ohio House Bill 194”
Posted: September 9, 2011

“Obama 2012: 2011 Summer Organizers have lunch with President Barack Obama”
Posted: September 2, 2011

“August 4, 1961”
Posted: August 4, 2011

“How Wall Street reform is working for you”
Posted: July 21, 2011

“Obama 2012 Campaign: Q2 Fundraising Results”
Posted: July 13, 2011

“Dinner with Barack Just Got More Interesting”
Posted: June 26, 2011

“Strategy Update: What We’re Building This Summer”
Posted: May 27, 2011

“Message from Barack Obama: ‘Time to begin again’ “
Posted: April 26, 2011

“Obama 2012 Strategy Briefing”
Posted: April 25, 2011

“Barack Obama 2012 Campaign Launch Video – ‘It Begins With Us'”
Posted: April 3, 2011

“Become an OFA Summer Organizer”
Posted: March 18, 2011

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