Customer acquisition high with email marketing, low with Twitter

bad twitter

A new report published by lifecycle marketing company, Custora, has revealed that customer acquisition via email has quadrupled in the last 4 years.

The ‘E-Commerce Customer Acquisition Snapshot‘ report highlights how social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are lagging in comparison to email campaigns, with customers acquired from Twitter being worth around 23% less than average.

However, leads from social media sites are much harder to track than those that come from email marketing campaigns or organic searches, the latter of which coincidentally are reported as the highest value customers in the report, at 54% higher than average.

The site comments: “The sharpest marketers in the new era of e-commerce will be looking beyond just where customers are coming from. They’ll be looking at the value of new customers acquired across channels, platforms , and geographies. And it turns out – not all customers are created equal.”

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