Future bright for digital publishing as ad revenues continue to grow


Digital advertising helped UK publishers grow by 14% in Q2 of 2013, a new report by the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) has revealed.

Conducted by Deloitte, the AOP Digital Publishers Revenue Index Report (DPRI) highlights how publishers are continuing to edge away from cost-cutting methods, and are instead investing more in digital advertising across the UK in a bid to generate further business online.

As reported by Media Week, the fastest growing method of online advertising continues to be video, which has reportedly grown by 21% year on year, with sponsorship, recruitment, sponsorship and display advertising also having increased since 2012.

Tim Cain, head of research at the AOP, commented: “The second quarter ad revenue growth performance reiterates that seen for the first quarter. Once again premium content publishers’ performance continues to exceed the online industry as a whole.

“We also see a notable shift in publisher sentiment in the second quarter of 2013 versus the first, away from cost-cutting and towards investment in new products and services, indicating a positive outlook for the coming quarter.”

A significant 92% of board members of the AOP have predicted that businesses will continue to invest more in digital advertising during Q3 2013, as UK companies continue to take advantage of online advertising to grow their audiences and enhance their respective brands.

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