Millennials increasingly open to branded social media content


Companies looking to tap into the most social demographic in the world may be pleased to hear that the age-group is becoming increasingly responsive to advertising on social media.

According to new research, social networks now play an essential role in the decision making process as to what to purchase among Gen Y, a digitally savvy group born between the 1980s and 2000.

With a significantly higher level of smartphone ownership and usage than all others in the UK, a new report from eMarketer, “UK Millennials and Mobile: The Key Device in a Digitally Dominated Life”, reveals the extent to which brands can now take advantage of the smartphone trend among these younger audiences.

The data shows that, overall, the high mobile and internet usage by millennials means they are more receptive to mobile marketing efforts from brands, and are thus more open to communicating with companies via social media on their smartphones.

Citing recent data from technology provider Vision Critical that indicated strong links between social media and mobile purchasing among millennials across Canada, the US and the UK, with an impressive 68% of those 18 to 34 making social media-inspired purchases via mobile, compared with only 24% of those 35 to 54, eMarketer explains that social media marketing via mobile is essential to any brand looking to appeal to younger audiences.

Improved, entertaining and personalised social media efforts by companies looking to engage with younger, more receptive audiences is thus demanded if brands are to be successful in the coming years. As more and more social media sites crop up, brands must stay flexible and respond in real time, embracing new trends in order to not fall out of favour with millennial audiences.


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