Tweet all about it: UK users connected with brands on Twitter


UK twitter users are the most mobile in Europe, most engaged and are highly connected to brands, new research has revealed.

The research, carried out by Nielsen, found that users in the UK are more engaged with the social media platform than the average tweeter. Those who primarily use Twitter on their mobile device are 1.2 times as likely to engage daily than average users and 58% access the platform several times a day.

The study also highlights the strong relationship that mobile users have with their favourite brands, with 62% users following companies on the platform.

Twitter also out performs all the leading news sites in terms of traffic with some 80% of Twitter’s traffic in the UK is now being driven by mobile, more than all other news sites, including BuzzFeed, MailOnline, Ampp3d and UsVsTh3m.

The study further revealed that one in two visited a brands website and 30 per cent bought products via Twitter.

Here’s a cool infographic that compiles Nielsen’s finding’s in a handy mobile shape for your consumption. 

Twitter usage infographic

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