£2.1m Oreo campaign encourages Brits to release inner child


Oreo has launched a £2.1m ‘Wonderfilled’ campaign to promote its Golden Oreo and Peanut Butter Oreo biscuits.

A TV campaign will launch this week, created around the premise “I wonder if I gave an Oreo to…”, which aims to imagine how sharing an Oreo could transform the everyday.

The campaign will also comprise video-on-demand, social, sampling and in-store promotions.

Daniel Kessler, Oreo brand manager said: “As kids we have a sense of wonder in how we see the world, but as adults we sometimes have to be reminded that often it’s the little things that can brighten our days.The Wonderfilled campaign has been designed to remind adults how a small thing like an Oreo and using a little imagination can brighten their perspective.”

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