24/7 Real Media Adds Mobile Campaigns to Search Ad Product

24/7 Real Media has added mobile search ad management to its Decide DNA Platform, which will be trotted out in version 6.1 this week at the Search Engine Strategies conference in New York.

The planning, buying and reporting platform received about 45 incremental enhancements, with the advent of mobile being the most significant, said Ian Leuchars, SVP of Search for North America at 24/7 Real Media.

“Decide DNA, from a marketing point of view, is good at managing and measuring data and reporting,” Leuchars said. “It allows the advertisers to get what they want to see about what is happening from a consumer point of view with the brands in the market.”

Decide DNA supports paid, organic, and mobile search in a single interface.

Firms like iLoop Mobile, Millennial Media and Third Screen Media offer the ability to buy mobile ads in a pure play environment, but few offerings have attempted to integrate them with traditional online media

24/7’s mobile search campaign tool reports on how consumers interact with the mobile search and provides support for any mobile phone with Internet access, the company said.

The Decide DNA upgrade comes one week after the digital marketing firm implemented mobile within its Open AdStream platform for managing display ads.

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