25 ecommerce conversion tips (infographic)

This infographic from Technorian presents a whole bunch of tips to help increase conversions on ecommerce sites. 

These are:

  1. Improve your site speed.
  2. Make sure you have the basics of on-page SEO in place.
  3. Use responsive design. Or at least make your site mobile-friendly.
  4. Test, test and test again.
  5. Have clear contact information.
  6. Make sure calls to action are clear.
  7. Navigation should be smooth and clear.
  8. Make sure site search is optimised.
  9. See the value of social proof. It works, if you use it properly.
  10. Use security seals. Yes, they can work, but overall trust in a site is about more than just this.
  11. Personalisation.
  12. Make returns policies clear and easy to access.  Customers often look for this information before committing to a purchase.
  13. Provide a section for sales and special offers.
  14. Product images matter. A lot.
  15. Product page copywriting matters. Don’t just stick to the standard descriptions. Work hard to sell your products.
  16. Show reviews. Ask for them, display them where they can help conversions.
  17. Make shipping costs clear. It’s part of the purchase decision so make this info easy to find.
  18. Use trigger words like ‘free’ where you can. For shipping would be one good idea.
  19. Create urgency. But don’t overdo it.
  20. Offer discounts for new customers. Not recommended for every site, but it can work.
  21. Consider price-matching against competitors.
  22. Up-sell and cross sell.
  23. Make sure your checkout process is smooth.  Avoid making customers register, enclose checkout, and make form filling easy.
  24. Offer multiple payment options. Payment preferences vary, and a wider range of options broadens your appeal.
  25. Work hard on transactional emails.


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