Three great Christmas campaigns 2015

Here are three brands running innovative and inspirational holiday campaigns this year:

Spotify: A Year in Music


Christmas is a time for round-ups, and Spotify is a great example of a brand doing this creatively. From the homepage of their “A Year in Music” microsite, users can log in to find out to discover what their own personal year in music sounds like, or find out the year’s general global trends.


Coca-Cola Drinkable Place Cards

“Drinkable place cards” is a simple adaptation of Coca-Cola’s already existing Share a Coke campaign that has seen the brand sell cans and bottles of Coke with people’s names on them since 2011. Clever.


3) Oreo, Design a Pack of Oreos

This year, Oreo tweeted out an invitation to design and personalise a pack of Oreos for friends and family members. Personalised marketing campaigns are always a winner.

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