30 essential Twitter statistics for advertisers

Twitter has lost close to $15 billion in market value in the last six months, as the platform is becoming increasingly perceived as Instagram and Facebook's friend that doesn't quite get it. What do the stats say? Here are this year's essential facts and figures.

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Twitter has lost close to $15 billion in market value in the last six months, as the platform is becoming increasingly perceived as Instagram and Facebook’s friend that doesn’t quite get it. What do the stats say? Here are this year’s essential facts and figures:

1. Twitter has 316m monthly active users.
2. 500m tweets are sent per day.
3. 80% of Twitter are active users on mobile.
4. 77% of Twitter accounts exist outside the U.S.
5. The platform supports over 35 languages.

6. The most popular US Twitter account is Katy Perry’s. She follows 157 people and has 77,011,338 followers. Here’s the top 5:

7. The fastest growing US Twitter profile is musician StACKCALLER:

8. The fashion industry’s top Twitter account is Chanel, which followers no Twitter users and has 9,671,514 followers. Here’s the top 5:

9. The auto industry’s top account is Mercedes-Benz, with 1,448,466 followers. Audi is a close second:

10. The brand with the largest audience on Twitter is Samsung, with 10,991,899 followers. Starbucks comes in at second, followed by Chanel:

11. Twitter’s community profile with the largest audience is @UberFacts, followed by @funnyordie:

12. YouTube has the biggest following out of all of Twitter’s ‘media’ accounts:

13. NBA is the most popular sport account on Twitter:

14. 23% of all online adults use Twitter (a proportion identical to the 23% of online adults who did so in September 2014).

15. Internet users living in urban areas are more likely than their suburban or rural counterparts to use Twitter. Three-in-ten online urban residents use the site, compared with 21% of suburbanites and 15% of those living in rural areas.

16. Twitter is more popular among younger adults — 30% of online adults under 50 use Twitter, compared with 11% of online adults ages 50 and older.

17. Twitter’s proportion of daily users remains unchanged from last year at 38%.

18. The number of online adults who say they use Twitter has grown 7% since 2012 – but compared with other platforms, this is pretty slow growth.

19. Twitter’s worldwide revenue is valued at $1.4bn:

20. Twitter’s worldwide advertising revenue this year is valued at $1,692m:

21: In July 2015, Twitter had 87.89 million unique visitors from the United States, down from 89.2 million visitors in April 2015:

22. In 2013, the number of active smartphone Twitter users in the United States was 30.8 million and is projected to amount to 56.5 million in 2018:

23. This chart below gives information on the projected Twitter penetration in the United States from 2013 to 2019. In 2017, 19% of the US population are expected access the social networking service:

24. Vine received 3.57% percent of its website traffic from Twitter last year:

25. Twitter’s stock price hit an all-time low when Statista reported that shares slumped 5.6 percent to $29.27 in August. That pushed Twitter’s market value below $20 billion, making it a potential acquisition target for companies like Google and Facebook. (However, analysts believe it will have to fall a further $10 billion for those tech giants to seriously consider any kind of approach).

Right now, Twitter’s stock price has slumped further to $29.06:

26. Teenagers like Twitter. Instagram is the preferred social network of 32% of U.S. teens, with Twitter following close behind at 24%:

27. According to the market share of the most popular social media sites in the United States in August 2015 (based on market share of visits), Twitter was ranked third with 4.77% of all U.S. social media site visits:

28. The most retweeted tweet on Twitter is the Ellen Degeneres’ Oscars selfie, which has now been retweeted over 3m times:

29. There are 391 million Twitter accounts with no followers.

30. Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets:

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