4 Out of 5 Users Never Re-Visit the Average Web Site

According to research conducted by Engage Technologies and UK Internet consultancy NVision, four out of five Web users never return to a site.

A second and equally revealing discovery by the two companies reveals that 35 percent of all surfing time is spent on only 50 of the Internet’s top sites.

As a result of their research, Engage and NVision announced Tuesday that they have formed a partnership which will aim to help companies build online loyalty and increase the “stickiness” of their Web pages.

NVision, whose clients include bookseller Waterstone’s, will integrate Engage’s Precision profiling software into its online solutions. By better understanding the interests of individual visitors NVision believes it can improve the targeting of content, advertising and e-commerce offerings.

“In an age where there is phenomenal growth in online businesses, the adage of ‘if you build it they will come’, doesn’t ring true anymore,” said Dave Hesketh, director at NVision.

“If online businesses are going to succeed in such a globally competitive marketplace, they need to fully understand their target audience.”

According to Hesketh, as many as 70 percent of Internet users say visiting a site regularly would influence them most in their decision to purchase. Hence it is vital for businesses to have an in-depth knowledge of their customers.

“Organisations need to develop visitor-centric models and we hope that the joint expertise of NVision and Engage in this area will help them do that,” said Peter Chaplin, VP International of Engage.

To help clients understand the concept, the two companies have issued a free guide called “A Sticky Situation: Know and Keep your Web Audience.” It contains advice on information gathering, improving loyalty, use of targeted incentives and personalisation.

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