4 Ways CRM Software Works for Old School (Offline) Marketing

When we think about CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, we immediately think of content marketing. We think of digital marketing and tracking lead sources across an array of online marketing activities that we’re doing. This is indeed one way to use the power of CRM in your business.

However, CRM tools are also incredibly beneficial when working with “old school marketing” – marketing that does not rely on the Internet.

At a recent event I hosted on old school marketing best practices, the co-founder of Brooklyn based Urban Martial Arts, Carmen Sognonvi , spoke about her experience in leveraging off-line marketing to grow her business.

Here are a few best practices and tactics she shared with us:

  1. Measure every marketing activity you do. For example, Carmen uses her CRM software to track the leads she gets from local fairs. Over time, Carmen can go back and see which fair generated the best ROI for her local marketing.
  2. Use special tracking links on flyers you distribute. Why? How cool (and measurable) would it be for you to do more than just pass out flyers and hope for the best? Now, you can measure which flyers are working best for your business. You’ll be the first business on your block with a “flyer ROI report” each week.
  3. Track print signage displayed in various locations in and around your store. Maybe you’re a furniture shop with a sign by the cashier. Maybe you’re a dental office with a sign hanging in the window. Using tracking links in your CRM software, you’ll be able to know which signs generated the most action and return the best ROI for you. Sure, the sign is not costing you any significant money – but your signs can now be measurable revenue drivers for your business.
  4. Train yourself and your staff to ask “where did you hear about us” for every person who comes in contact with your business. Inputting this question as a lead source in your CRM system, over time, gives you a measurable and accurate picture of what’s causing your phone to ring or traffic to come to your office door. Over time, you’ll be able to market smarter and uncover pools of opportunity in your business. Let’s say that after one year, you see lead sources in places where you are not actively marketing. This intelligence could help you understand where you need to invest money to get an even greater return. Or, it could help you uncover new markets or customer segments.

While the biggest use of CRM is online marketing, offline marketers (or old school marketers) can leverage CRM to make smarter marketing investments.

CRM is just a tool; it’s up to marketers like you to ensure you use unique tracking links in all your marketing so you can know what adds value to your business. A CRM system will help you know what marketing to stop , what marketing to adjust and what do more of.

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