40% of Consumers Enjoy Getting Marketing Emails From Their Preferred Brands

Forty percent of consumers enjoy getting a large amount of marketing emails each week, according to a new study by Blue Kangaroo.

Blue Kangaroo is a company that offers consumers a marketing email and compiler aimed at helping them better manage the marketing emails they receive. The firm recently surveyed 1,090 U.S. adults to find out what consumers really think about email marketing.

According to the company’s study, as much as 35 percent of consumers said they are “very interested” in receiving emails from their favorite brands. Another 54 percent of consumers surveyed said they feel they are getting the right amount of marketing emails each week.

While many of the surveyed consumers liked receiving marketing emails, many also said going through them was a bit of a chore. Forty-eight percent of consumers find day-to-day management of marketing emails “time consuming,” according to Blue Kangaroo’s study. Another 43 percent of survey participants reported that they occasionally overlook marketing emails because of excessive emails.

With so many brands using email marketing campaigns it can be hard to not get overlooked. However, certain strategic tips can help marketers get noticed and avoid the virtual trash can.

Blue Kangaroo Chief Executive Nick Weir says the secret to getting consumers to read brands’ marketing emails is timing your emails and understanding your target audience.

“Consumers expect a good offer at the right time, or they are more willing to move on to another brand,” Weir said to ClickZ.

“Knowing your customers well becomes of utmost importance, not only because you want them to act on your offer, but because the possibility that they will act on the offer of your competitor is very, very real. Email marketers must find a smart way to get their messages seen in the email clutter consumers experience.”

Another focus of email marketers should be on subject lines. According to Chris M. Litster, the vice president of marketing solutions firm Constant Contact, the secret to a good marketing email subject line is to keep it short.

“Subject lines should convey a call to action, a sense of urgency, and most importantly, they should be short,” Litster told ClickZ.

“Subject lines can get cut off and come across as awkward, so a good way to write subject lines is to think of them as you would a tweet, or a newspaper headline.”

Litster also warns that marketers need to temper excessive emails. He says marketers should study and try to understand their customers’ email reading habits to better gauge how many emails they’d be interested in.

“Email marketers can be too aggressive with the frequency of their email campaigns. One way to try to avoid this is to divide your mailing list into customers who have shown an interest in every email you send, and those who only open them occasionally,” continued Litster.

“The consistent readers are the ones most receptive to your brand’s messaging, and you can reward them for it in the form of a coupon or additional password-encrypted content, while the rest continue to receive only your most important email campaigns.”

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