MarketingConference Coverage5 PPC Tips from ClickZ Live Toronto

5 PPC Tips from ClickZ Live Toronto

To have the best possible PPC campaigns, Finhas Jhaveri of Allstate Insurance recommmends paying equal attention to branded and generic keywords and thinking in terms of different devices.

Finhas Jhaveri, manager of digital and cultural marketing for Allstate Insurance, crammed countless tips for the best PPC practices into 45 minutes during ClickZ Live Toronto. Here are five of them:

1. Have Clear Goals

Every company’s goal is to make more money, so that sounds like a fairly obvious tip. But when Jhaveri says “goals,” he means the word in a more specific way. What are you trying to achieve directly from a particular ad? In Allstate’s case, that goal is almost always to get a customer on the phone with a salesperson as soon as possible.

“You may not always have sales as your success metric,” he said. “You may want to build your brand or build consideration. Make sure that it’s clear and quantifiable. The second part is, after you set up that success metric, you need to talk about what customer action on your PPC campaign will lead to that success metric.”

2. Think Like the Customer

To have an action-led website, Jhaveri recommended keeping all aspects of the customer’s searches in mind: what they’re searching, when they’re searching, and where they’re searching from. Different devices require different considerations.

When a consumer searches for a business on a mobile device, they may look up a phone number or a product review, but they most likely wouldn’t be inclined to fill out a long application. Jhaveri used a credit card company as an example.

“On a tablet, I would lead people from the PPC campaign to a page that talks about great product features, possibly some comparisons, and have them start off a small application form,” he said. “On a mobile phone, I’d lead them to a standing page that talks about the benefits of the credit card, but the call-to-action would be calling a salesperson, and they’d take the application.”

3. Diversify Your Keywords

Jhaveri recommends dividing your budget and giving equal weight to both branded and generic keywords. While many marketers place a higher value on branded keywords, Jhaveri pointed out that generic searches often pave the way for those with more brand specificity.

“We found that brand searches are almost always more efficient than generic, but if I’m looking for an SUV, and I haven’t made up my mind about which one I want to buy, what would my search be? ‘Best SUVs of 2015,” he said. “I’m going to do my research and then I’m going to shortlist [certain cars] in my mind and then I’m going to do broadened searches on those.”

4. Forecast

What does your historical data show? That should play a huge factor in PPC campaigns. Looking at the trends based on specific days and months, Jhaveri found that Allstate’s ads don’t perform as well on weekends. As a result, campaigns are designed to achieve maximum results during the week.

This also applies to time of day and even location targeting. Knowing where your best customers and prospects are, you’re able to customize messages on a local level and as a result, achieve higher ROI.

5. Keep It Simple

Every element of your landing page should be tested rapidly and repeatedly, just to be crystal clear that your pages provide the best possible user experience (UX). The better the UX, the better your quality scores – not to mention that if your page is too cluttered or confusing, people will X out and likely never come back.

Consistency between ad copy and content is one way to achieve the perfect balance between giving all the necessary information and simplicity, as is keeping calls-to-action to a minimum. According to Jhaveri, two are better than three, but one is usually best of all.

“If you’re making me think about how I want to interact with you and what you want me to do, conversions will be lower,” he said.

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