5 Useful, Creative Analytics Resources to Check Out

I love when people produce useful, creative resources to help digital marketing practitioners. Bonus points when they do so on a product I work on by day. So I wanted to share a few of the more creative ones I’ve seen recently to help with your own analysis and marketing efforts. Be sure and keep reading to the end, as in addition to some great resources for Analytics, there’s a good lesson here for your own marketing efforts.

1. Secrets to Perfecting Your Online Store


Allaedin Ezzedin from Google Analytics Certified Partner E-Nor has put together a great (and free!) e-book sharing some of his secrets for perfecting your online store. Grab a copy over on their blog. Inside, you’ll learn the top engagement metrics for each step of the purchasing cycle, how to architect and implement a measurement solution using Google Analytics as a measurement platform, and how to analyze the data collected for the different users’ segments. I loved not just the content of this one but the fact that there are lots of designs, examples, and even code snippets to get you started immediately. Advanced and newbie users will find value here alike.

2. Periodic Table of Google Analytics


Google Analytics Certified Partner Jeff Sauer over at Three Deep Marketing has created an awesome play on the periodic table of elements with his analytics interpretation. Check out the full post on his blog. I especially like that he offered this in multiple formats (PDF, infographic, and interactive graphic). If you’re going to do something similar for your niche this is a great example to follow. If you’re putting a lot of work into content, always repurpose across formats in addition to channels. You’ve already put in the hard work, this is one of those last-mile efforts and very worth it.

3. An Intro to Google Analytics for E-Commerce

Thomas Holmes has put together a useful, free introductory guide to Google Analytics for e-commerce. While advanced users are already aces at using analytics for e-commerce, it is an area many new users are still sharpening their skills in. Nab the guide on Thomas’ site – it’s visually quite good and the content will get you up to speed quickly on just how easy it is to use Google Analytics for your e-commerce site.

4. The Small Business Guide to Google Analytics

analytics-image-4This is a simple and effective idea created by the team at Simply Business. They really just aggregated a bunch of content others had already created in a useful way. Check it out here. If you want to see just how successful this tactic was, just glance at the social key performance indicators (KPIs) next to the content on the site. The Simply Business team understands the strategy outlined by my good friend, Andrew Hanelly: if you can’t be the source, be the resource.

5. Guide to Visualizing Analytics Data in Fusion Tables

Have you ever wished to make creative visualizations with your Analytics data? There are several ways to accomplish that, the most powerful being the Google Analytics API in conjunction with visualization tools. However, sometimes visualization tools may require technical knowledge or are just too expensive. Daniel Waisberg thought about this and created a quick guide on using Google Fusion Tables to provide a few complementary visualizations to Google Analytics.

Anyway, I hope you’ll check these out not just to learn more about analytics but also get inspired for ideas of content in your own category. Creating this type of “epic” content, as some people have termed it, is not just useful and helps your organic marketing KPIs, it gets attention from the brands involved. As I manage social for Google Analytics, I’ve already shared all of these assets with our communities reaching millions of analytics users. If you align your marketing with the goals of other brands you’re always going to win, it’s in their interest to help you.

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