5 Ways to Drive Conversions Through Social Proof

Consumers are growing savvier every day – with the power of the Internet at their fingertips, they can access a huge amount of information about a business or product with just one click. It’s no longer about a slick website with superficial promises – consumers want authentic, valid reasons to choose you, not from you but from other like-minded consumers whom they feel they can trust. This is “social proof,” and businesses leveraging it will quickly see potential customers turn into happy customers. Here are our five ways to drive conversions through social proof:

1. Crunch the Numbers

Social proof is about the combined wisdom of the crowd. The bigger the crowd associated with your brand, the greater the influence its wisdom will be on potential customers. So tell your customers how many fans you have on Facebook or followers on Twitter. Tell them how many people subscribe to your newsletter or how many orders you’ve processed. Display these figures proudly and let the growing size of your community contribute to the social proof driving conversions for your business!

2. Add Social Share Buttons

The old “sharing is caring” adage is true. By adding social sharing links to your site you’re demonstrating to your customers how much you care about what they think. Make it simple for customers to follow you, like you, tweet about you, and share your content by including links and buttons on all of your pages – if it’s easy to do, then there’s a better chance they’ll do it, thereby expanding the reach of your content and spreading positive social proof for your company.

3. Provide a Platform for Reviews

Nearly 63 percent of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase from a site if it displays reviews and ratings, and understandably so; user-generated reviews make for extremely strong social proof. Allowing your current customers to provide an honest appraisal of your company fortifies trust in your brand, plus serves as a valuable source of feedback. Potential customers unable to find genuine reviews of your business may think you’ve something to hide.

4. As Seen In…

If your business is affiliated with other outlets, provides services to other brands, or has been featured (positively!) in the media, tell your visitors. Small logos accompanied by an “As Seen In…” get the message across in a simple and straightforward way. This leaves the impression that “If it’s good enough for [brand], it’s good enough for me!”

5. Go Global

Companies with distinctly U.S. or European roots can find it challenging breaking out into the global marketplace. However, displaying a map highlighting orders around the world in real time provides reassurance for those unsure about buying internationally. If someone in Japan feels confident placing an order with you, why shouldn’t other customers?


  • Don’t be afraid to share the size of your fan/follower base.
  • Make it easy for customers to find your social communities.
  • Implement a user review platform to nurture social proof about your brand.
  • Align yourself with other brand names.
  • Remember international customers.

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