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8 approaches to creating digital content to improve CX

Ceros published a new guide that features eight approaches aimed at helping marketers improve audience interaction and content engagement.

30-second summary:

  • Ceros enables marketers and designers to develop content without the need for writing code.
  • The industry is projected to be worth over $400 billion by 2021. Its appeal is due to its lower cost compared with traditional advertising, the need to build trust and brand influence, and its ability to boost business growth.
  • Ceros created a guide listing 8 approaches to creating digital content that’s focused on helping businesses develop assets that stand out in an extremely cluttered marketing landscape.
  • The guide touches on key areas of content creation such as writing for humans versus bots, the use of visual elements and interactivity, and the importance of having a path forward with your asset.

Content marketing is a staggeringly large industry, projected to be worth roughly $413 billion by 2021. One reason for its growth, particularly in the B2B space, is that it’s cheaper to create and deploy than paid advertising.

This has led to a proliferation of content of all types and styles across every platform, device, and digitally propelled experience that consumers engage with.

In an environment that’s hyper-saturated with information, it’s not enough to create static content. These days, businesses need to take their assets to the next level so that it stands out. 

That means your content must be engaging, interactive, personalized, and relevant. This can be difficult to make your asset stand out given the sheer proliferation of high-quality content available across multiple digital platforms. 

In fact, a 2019 CMI study found that the biggest challenge to marketers was not producing engaging content, but in how to keep up with the changing search landscape. 

In 2010, the year the CMI released their first benchmarks report, 36% of respondents listed producing engaging content as a key challenge. In 2019, 61% of marketers indicated their biggest challenge was changes to SEO/search algorithms followed by changes to social media algorithms at 45%.

It’s clear that the bar has been raised when it comes to content which puts more pressure on businesses to create unique, engaging, and interactive assets that help them stand out from their competitors.

To address this industry need, Ceros, a cloud-based platform that allows designers and marketers to create interactive assets without the need for code, published a guide that’s focused on improving digital experience through better content.

The guide lists eight approaches to creating effective content aimed at improving customer experience and engagement.

Article produced in partnership with Ceros.

Some background on Ceros

Founded in London in 2012, Ceros enables marketers and designers to design and publish content without the need for a programmer.

Ceros works with brands like VICE, Bloomberg, and Getty Images to create immerse, transformative digital experiences that stand out in today’s cluttered, saturated digital landscape.

On their website, Ceros writes, “Ceros cures digital paralysis. With a world-class design platform, an army of experts, and ten years of experience, Ceros is ready to help your brand to break free and create digital experiences that engage, convert, and stand out.”

Make multi-dimensional content

Ceros’s experts created a guide that includes eight approaches businesses can take to create compelling content — that tells an engaging story.

The guide, 8 Tactics to Improve Any Digital Experience, addresses common mistakes brands make when creating content like using too much jargon, readability issues (e.g., large blocks of text), and more.

Here’s an overview of the themes that Ceros touches on:

  • Be human: Too often businesses write content with the goal of getting ranked at the top of Google for a specific keyword or phrase. But an asset written for search engines can be pretty boring to actual humans. Ceros provides useful  tips on how to humanize it, including information about the importance of personalization for generating sales.
  • Be purposeful: There are several tips in the guide focused on the importance of being purposeful when developing assets. Without intent it can end up getting you nowhere in terms of meeting your growth and revenue goals. The guide also addresses reviewing, revising, and optimizing content like you would with paid media. The end-goal is to ensure that the valuable time you spend creating and distributing it translates into business success.
  • Be interactive: Ceros defines interactive content as “an asset that requires active engagement from its consumers.” Examples include interactive infographics, case studies, quizzes, presentations, eBooks, and landing pages.
  • Be immersive: Adding visual elements to your asset creates a more immersive experience. Immersive content includes things like visual cues, animations, and movement to draw a reader deeper into the experience. This helps alleviate the fatigue that users may experience from consuming large blocks of text (e.g., content overload.)

Writes Ceros, “By improving the experience across every digital touch point, you’ll better attract, engage, convert, and retain your audience.”

The Ceros guide addresses common issues with a focus on making content more engaging, interesting, and unique. You can download the free guide from here.


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