A Moment of IAB Appreciation

rothenberg.jpgOn this, a heat-index alert day, IAB head Randall Rothenberg’s blog (or “clog,” as he insists on calling it), is a breath of fresh air.

Today’s entry, once you get past the “join the IAB” call-to-action, elegantly and articulately enumerates the scary regulatory and legislative threats (both on the state and Federal levels) facing online publishers.

Consumers and legislators don’t understand what online advertising is, or how it works. Too many Internet publishers and advertisers, meanwhile, are tuning a blind eye to the implications of their ignorance, namely, bad laws that can carry significant negative economic consequences to those making a living off interactive publishing and advertising.

Rothenberg deserves a shout-out. Under his leadership, the IAB is meeting all sorts of challenges the organization too long ignored. Bringing smaller companies into the fold is just one of these. The much bigger picture is aggressively addressing threats to the industry on the legislative level. It’s a far cry from the days when the body stood idly by while other measure, such as CAN-SPAM, wended its way through the FTC and ultimately, Congress.

Take a moment today to read Randall’s most recent post. The goings-on in Washington may appear distant today, but the impact on your business is going to matter tomorrow.

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