A Move to Simplify Network Behavioral Buys

Revenue Science is expected to launch a pilot program today allowing advertisers to place behavioral targeting campaigns across a range of sites at once, and to receive independent measurement of those campaigns.

The idea is to alleviate the frustration of agencies enthusiastic about behavioral targeting, but which find the reach too small on individual sites and the process to cumbersome for multi-site buys.

“There’s a lot of pressure for centralizing the buying,” said Nick Johnson, Revenue Science’s SVP of business development and GM of account strategy. “With this pilot, we really want to get ourselves firmly entrenched in the middle to make it easier for agencies to buy scale.”

Advertisers invited to participate will be charged a flat fee for placement on participating publisher sites in Revenue Science’s Audience Search network. The company will centrally manage media transactions and ad executions, and will deliver effectiveness research on the collective effort via a partnership with Insight Express. Participating publishers, agencies and marketers were not announced.

Separately, Revenue Science was selected by WorldNow to run behavioral targeting on its network of local media sites.

Revenue Science launched its Audience Search network in April.

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