A Really Fast, Nimble Online Publisher!

Actions really can speaker louder than words.

I’m just back from Buenos Aires, where I spoke at a conference on online journalism sponsored by the Argentine daily business newspaper Infobae. The same day I gave my talk about RSS, Infobae made RSS available to its online readers. Here’s the amazing part: until I gave my speech, Infobae was completely unaware of the technology. Yet they got RSS up and running in just one day!

Infobae’s Patricia Santa Marina told me later the paper though RSS sounded like a good idea, so they just did it. No meetings. No strategy sessions. Just action.

I heard plenty of good ideas in Buenos Aires. But nothing impressed me more than Infobae’s ‘just do it’ approach to a new online technology.

Update: Gave the same talk again to a class of NYU grad students. One just e-mailed to say she’s building a business plan for a new ABCNews.com site section, and RSS is now part of that plan. The more people know about RSS, the more they want it. I’m beginning to feel like some sort of apostle.

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