A Toy in Every Dog House and a Bone in Every Bowl


Determined. Dependable. House Broken?

That’s the slogan for a new candidate running a Web ad campaign. And yes, she’s of the canine variety. Spoiled Yappy Dog is joined by Tacky Ceramic Rooster, Bag of Leaves, Old Relish Packet and Someone’s Teddy Bear; they’re all running for fake office as part of a just-launched Ad Council PSA campaign promoting voter registration that has a fun online component at PayAttention.org. The site features video ads, e-cards, materials for creating campaign paraphernalia and mini-sites dedicated to each “candidate.” The overall campaign slogan says it all: “If you’re not voting, then who are you electing?”

Unless my options change by November, I might have to write in Side of Hashbrowns for Congress.

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