Absolut Quiz Names Your Flavor

Swedish vodka maker Absolut launched a site encouraging visitors to “Find Your Flavor” by taking a visual quiz.

The Flash site, which Absolut is promoting on its homepage and via an integrated campaign, presents a series of drag-and-drop multiple choice questions. Visitors are asked to select items to pack for a trip, choose a destination city to visit, and select one object to save from a burning house, among other conundrums, all in 90 seconds or less. At completion, users learn which Absolut flavor best matches their personality. The end-page features links to drink recipes and a “send your flavor to a friend” form.

Springtime, which has worked with Absolut on previous sites, developed the quiz. TWBA/Chiat/Day developed the online and print ads.

The quiz methodology was designed to “determine a scientifically verifiable and individually-personalized ideal summer cocktail for each visitor,” according to the company’s tongue-in-cheek statement. In other words, individual quiz results are randomized.

Last month, competing Swedish distillery Svedka launched a blog positioned for a similar audience of young, hip vodka drinkers.

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